The static electricity in your hair and clothes sparked when you touched your set top box now doesn't work?

That doesn't sound good at all. Most likely it fried a chip in the box, ic chips run on about 6volts and .05 milliamps usually and a static discharge is in the hundreds of volts(very little amps)! It is easy to burn up chips this way. You could try to unplug it and wait a few minutes then plug it back in to see if you got lucky and only changed the state of the chip rather than blowing it up. But I have seen ic chips on a circuit board with a big chunk missing from where it was struck with a static discharge. What set top box is it? TV? Cablebox? DVDplayer? If it still doesn't work after unplugging and reconnecting then i would have it looked at by a technician it may be repairable for not much more than the laber/service cost. You could always have them look at it without fixing the problem and tell you how much it would cost to repair, then decide if it is cheaper to replace or fix. To prevent future happenings of this i suggest you touch something metal (nothing electronic) anything that you feel the zap from and then touch your devices after you have discharged safely. Good luck