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You go to meteor falls and then you go up the waterfall, follow your instincts and you will eventually find a small room with the TM Dragon Claw, run around that bit for a while.They are at lvl 25-35.

Lucky catching

right of celestic town use defog and pokeradar

side note: I noticed that using sweet scent (from a tropius or oddish etc...) greatly increased my chances of finding bagons. I got 3 bagons out of six battles. hope this helps (especially if you want to trade a bagon for horsea in pacifilidog town).

On the right of celestic town in pearl,use defog then pokeradar.Bagon is rare-took me about 20 times using the pokeradar.Just keep trying and you'll catch one soon.

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Q: The steps of where to get bagon?
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Where is bagon in sapphire?

in meteor falls after you go through all the steps to get there

The steps of where to get bagon in Pokemon Diamond?

the only way to get bagon is to either trade or to get Pokemon pearl and go to route 205. make sure you have a Pokemon radar and the national pokedex. see ya

Where do you find bagon in Pokemon Vortex v1.8?

I found a Dratini and Bagon in The Rocky Cave in about 20 steps. Although that just be my luck so keep on walking until u find one.

What route is bagon on in ruby?

Bagon is in Meteor Falls..if you use Waterfall in there, you get to a different area where you can find Bagon.

What does bagon evelve into?

bagon evolve into shelgon and then salamence

How do you get a dragonscale in ruby?

bagon holds it bagon holds it

Where do you find bagon on emerald?

Bagon can be found at meteor falls

What type of Pokemon is Bagon?

Bagon is a Dragon type pokemon.

When does the Pokรฉmon Bagon evolve?

Bagon evolves at Level 30.

Where to find bagon in tppc?

i will trade a bagon to u give me your #

Does bagon evolve into shelgon?

Yes, Bagon evolves into Shelgon.

How do you get bagon on Pokemon White?

You can find bagon in white forest

How does bagon evolve?

you lvl it up to lvl30 bagon evolves to shellgon

What does bagon evolve to?

Bagon evolves into Sheldon and then Sheldon evolves into Salemance

What level does bagon evolve into shelgon?

bagon evolves at level 30

Where do you get a bagon in soul silver?

I'm not sure if a bagon is found in soulsilver.... or is it

When does bagon envole in Pokemon?

Bagon evolves into Shelgon at Lv.30

What level does bagon and shelgon evolve?

Bagon 30 shelgon 50

Can you catch bagon in Pokemon Diamond?

Bagon is only available in Pokemon pearl. You can however catch a Larvatar instead of a bagon. you can trade one for a Bagon because another pearl player will want one.

How do you evolve bagon?

Bagon> at level 30> Shelgon> At Level 50> Salamence

How do you catch bagon in emerald?

You can find bagon in meteor falls in the back end.

Why is your level 30 Bagon still a Bagon and not a Shelgon?

It evolves at lv 35

When does the Pokemon bagon evolve to a shellgon?

Bagon evolves in to Shelgon at level 30.

How do you get a shiny bagon on ruby?

You have a 1 in 8,192 chance of any wild Bagon you encouter (Bagon are found in the deepest part of Meteor Falls) to be shiny.

How many steps does it take to hatch a bagon egg?

Truly, it varies. I had a feebas egg that everyone said it took 5000 somethin steps to hatch. It took over 7000. Just be patient, it'll hatch eventually