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General Motors incorporated into their stock radios a feature designed to cause a certain degree of hardship to would-be thieves sometime back, which caused the unit to "lock" whenever power to it was interrupted. Service which required that the battery be disconnected was to be performed only after a "code" had been entered into the receiver by the technician doing repairs. This code prepared the unit for power interruption, putting it into a form of 'hibernation'. When all went as planned, reconnecting the battery power and powering-up the radio was no big deal. Thieves, however, had no way to do this; and, since they did not have the "code", little could be done to make a stolen radio work. Owners, however, DID have the code... And that is the magic word: "DID". When all else fails, sometimes you just gotta go back to the guys who were the first who "DID" it; and, in just such a case, that means a trip to the dealer. But remember; he's liable to meet you with a grin rather than a grimace, because you're not the first one he's seen with this problem, and you won't be the last--- and a cure for your ills may just be the one easy thing he does all day that really helps someone! Hope it helps! jb Turn radio on. Press Mode + Scan buttons; 1000 should appear then go blank; release the buttons; use the 1 2 3 4 buttons to enter the security code (press the 1 for the thousands digit, 2 for the hundreds digit, 3 for the tens digit, 4 for the ones digit -- press these numbers repeatedly to cycle through the numbers for that particular digit); press Mode + Scan buttons again. Code should now be entered and the radio should function as normal. If you don't have the security code, you will need to remove the radio and take it to your local Volkswagen dealer along with your car's VIN. They may charge a fee, but they will be able to obtain the security code for you.

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Q: The stock radio on your 1990 cabriolet displays a safe message now after the battery died and you cant find the manual what do you do?
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