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What does the Am symbol stand for?

The om or aum symbol stands for creation. It is said to be thesound that was made when the world was created.

How did iron get its symbol fe?

It comes from the Latin word ferrum. Iron is the common English name. Elements are usually named in the language of the country they were discovered in. The elements known since ancient times are mostly given Latin names. Eg: Na=sodium=natrium

Why do elements have symbols?

Different languages have their own words for elements, but chemical symbols are international, so they provide a universal way of specifying chemicals. A chemical formula is not specific to any language and will make the same sense in any country. Also, many molecules and formulae involve a large nu ( Full Answer )

Symbols for elements?

If you look at the periodic table (go to to see one if you dont have one) the symbol is the letter or two in the middle of each square. For example, the symbol for Hydrogen is "H", the symbol for Potassium is "K", the symbol for neon is "Ne" & The symbol for Carbon is "C". The symbol ( Full Answer )

What is element Fe?

Fe is Iron. It isn't 'Ir' because they got Fe from iron's Latin name, ferum. It also can't be 'Ir' because Ir is already the symbol for another element, iridium.

What is the symbol for an element?

One or two letters that stand for the name of the element in a chemical formula If there is only one letter, it is capitalized, e.g., F is the chemical symbol for fluorine. If there are two letters, the first is capitalized and the second is lowercase, e.g., Co is the chemical symbol for cobalt.

Fe is the chemical symbol for which element?

Fe is the chemical symbol for iron .. Iron, symbol Fe (latin - ferrum, "iron"), magnetic, malleable, silvery white metallic element. The atomic number of iron is 26. Iron is one of the transition elements of the periodic table..

Where does the name of the element Fe ferrum come from?

The name ferrum is the Latin name for the element iron. Ferrum andits abbreviation Fe are used on the periodic table of elements.Several other elements use Latin names on the periodic table, suchas gold, silver, copper, and tin.

Why elements has symbol?

Elements have symbols so that we don't have to write their complete names again and again. They can be easily represented by a single letter. Besides, it is more convenient to use in molecular formulae.

What does FE stand for in computer terms?

FE may be an abbreviation for "front end." It can also refer to "first edition," the unofficial name for the first release of Windows 98.

What element has the symbol you?

The element that has the symbol U is Uranium. Uranium has the atomic number 92 and is part of the unofficial Neodymium family. It has 92 electrons in 7 shells and is radioactive. Uranium is used as a nuclear fuel.

Why is Iron the symbol Fe?

the reason Fe is the symbol for iron is because it comes from the word ferrus which in latin it is the word for iron. .

Why is the symbol of Iron Fe?

the symbol Fe is derived from iron's latin name "Ferrum" like other elements with symbols far from the element name like potassium's symbol is K meaning "Kalium" or tin's symbol is Sn for "Stannum". we studied that, i actually have a list of all elements with those kind of symbols. if you want the c ( Full Answer )

What is an elements symbol?

element symbols are abbreviation of elements name like gold's symbol is Au. always first letter is cap. and second is lowered i hope this helped you.

Symbols of elements?

We use symbols for elements. Those are Latin in names. There are above 118 elements.

What is the symbol for element?

There is no symbol for "element", other than using a placeholder.For example, if you want to refer to the oxides of group II metals,you might use the generic formula "MO." Some common placeholders are M and X for a generic metal andnonmetal (especially a halogen) respectively. A and B are alsoprett ( Full Answer )

What are the symbols of the elements?

There are currently 118 different elements in the periodic table.Here is a list of the symbols: Ac Actinium, Ag Silver, Al Aluminum,Am Americium, Ar Argon, As Arsenic, At Astatine, Au Gold, B Boron,Ba Barium, Be Bryllium, Bh Bohrium, Bi Bismut, Bk Berkelium, BrBromine, C Carbon, Ca Calcium, Cd Cadmi ( Full Answer )

What does the element DO stand for?

There is no ELEMENT with the symbol "DO" however, it would be the molecule which is one atom of deuterium (D) and one atom of oxygen (O). Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen. This molecule would be called deuterium oxide.

Why is the symbol for the element iron Fe?

Not all element symbols come from English words. Iron is one example. . Fe comes from the Latin word for iron: ferrum. In chemistry 'ferric' indicates the trivalent ion, Fe 3+ and 'ferrous' indicates the divalent ion, Fe 2+ . Ferric oxide or Iron(III) oxide is rust, Fe 2 O 3 . . There are other e ( Full Answer )

What does the symbol Ru stand for on the periodic table of elements?

Ruthenium (pronounced /ruːˈθiːniəm/) is a chemical element that has the symbol Ru and atomic number 44. A rare transition metal of the platinum group of the periodic table, ruthenium is found associated with platinum ores and used as a catalyst in some platinum alloys. . From Wi ( Full Answer )

Is Fe a representative element?

Virtually all of the physical, chemical, and electrical characteristics of Fe make it a uniquely appropriate representative for iron.

The Fe stands for the element iron?

Fe is the symbol for the element iron. It has an atomic number of26, and atomic mass of 55. 845 amu. Upon exposure to anelectrolyte, oxygen and water, iron forms hydrated ferric oxide(Fe2O3. H2O), usually referred to as rust.

What element has the symbol An?

None. You may mean Aluminium (Al), Argon (Ar), Arsenic (As), Silver (Ag), Gold (Au), Astatine (At), Actinium (Ac) or Americium (Am)

What is the symbol an element?

Each chemical element has a different chemical symbol formed from one or two letters: H for hydrogen, U for uranium, Cl for chlorine, Ar for argon, etc. Symbols are used for simplicity in writing equations, etc. The chemical symbol can be considered as a code.

How do elements get there symbols?

Usually, it's the first letter of the element's name, followed an additional letter if needed to avoid ambiguity. Usually the second letter of the symbol is the second letter of the name, but not always. Note that in some cases the English name may be different from the name that was used to come ( Full Answer )

Why is fe the symbol of iron?

It comes from ferrus, the Latin word for iron. * * * * * The Latin word is ferrum, not ferrus.

Which element is As stand for?

The element with chemical symbol As, is Arsenic. Arsenic in part of the Group 15 family of elements along with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Antimony and Bismuth. Arsenic has 33 electrons in a standard atom, with 4 electron shells and 5 electrons in the outer shell.

Why is the symbol of Potassium Fe?

First off, Fe is for IRON. Potassium's symbol is K. The origin of the symbol K comes from the Latin word kalium.

What does Fe²O³ stand for?

DiIronTriOxide or DiFerroTriOxide Two Iron Atoms together with Three Oxygen Atoms. Isn't this Magnetite? A material that is higly magnetic :-)

What does the prefix fe in female stand for?

'Fe-' is not considered to be a prefix, as the words 'female' and'male' evolved seperately. The word 'male' was taken from the OldFrench 'malle' which in turn came from the Latin 'Masculus'.'Female' originates from 'femele', which was also stolen from theFrench, who had adapted it from the Latin wor ( Full Answer )

What element does the symbol Ca F l stand for?

These letters are chemical symbols for the chemical elements: Ca - chemical symbol of calcium F - chemical symbol of fluorine I - chemical symbol of iodine I suppose that the molecule CaFI was not surely confirmed.

What element has the symbol At?

The element with the symbol At is Astatine. Astatine is a Group 17(7) Halogen and is radioactive. It has 85 electrons in 6 shells, with 7 electrons in the outer shell.

There are 26 protons in element fe iron?

An atom's atomic number gives its number of protons. Checking the periodic table for atomic number 26, we see that its represented by the element iron. Thus, iron does have 26 protons.

How are the elements Li and Fe made?

Lithium is obtained by passing electric charge through melted lithium chloride and from the silicate mineral called spodumene Iron is obtained from iron ores

Where do elements get their symbols from?

Elements get their symbols mainly from their names. This is not always the case though. Sometimes it is from Latin etc. As an example, Pb is the symbol for Lead and where the name plumber comes from and is Latin. Ag for silver and Au for gold similarly. S for sulfur and O for oxygen are a bit more ( Full Answer )

How might scientist use the symbols that stand for the elements?

Scientists use the element symbol when writing chemical formulas, equations, and sometimes during everyday writing. i.e. when hydrogen combines with chlorine it creates hydrochloric acid, this written with symbols is H + Cl --> HCl (Hydrochloric acid) It may seem confusing but it is much simpler and ( Full Answer )

What element has symbol As?

The answer is arsenic and this is a solid chemical element, atomic number 33 and its atomic weight is 74,921 60(2). Arsenic is a metalloid.

What is the element FeS?

FeS (iron sulphide) is a compound and not an element. It is comprised of two elements ; iron and sulphur.

What is the symbol of the cation in Fe Cl2 formula?

The symbol for the cation (positive ion) is Fe 2+ . This is because that each Chlorine atom has a charge of -1 so to make the ions charge 0 overall, Fe must be 2+. Hope this helps!

Why does iorn has a symbol Fe?

It comes from the Latin word for Iron "Ferrum". The prefix ferr- means that it is of or contains Iron.

What does the symbol NO stands for?

In chemistry, NO is the formula for Nitric Oxide, also called Nitrogen Monoxide. (Nitric oxide should not be confused with nitrous oxide (N 2 O) or with nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ) )

What stand for Fe in iron?

The symbol Fe is an abbreviation of the Latin word ferrum , which means iron.