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Pb in chemistry stands for Lead, an element whose name in Latin is Plumbum (hence, Pb).

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What does the symbol Pb stands for?

The chemical symbol Pb stands for "lead", Plum bum.

What does the symbol pb stand for?

pb stands for lead

What does the acronym PB stand for?

In the Penetrant PB B'laster, the PB stands for Penetrating B'laster.

The symbol Pb on the periodic table stands for?


The symbol Pb stands for?


What does Pb on Harry Potter Pb Hardcover stands for?

the publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)

What is pb and PC in welding position?

I know that PC stands for Horizontal-Vertical; although I am Unsure about pb.

What stands for lead in the lab?

Pb is the symbol for lead.

What Does PB in PBteen stand for?

Pbteen stands for potery barn teen.

What does pb stand for in periodic table?

Pb stands for element Lead.It has atomic number 82.It is a heavy post-transition metal.It is used as coloring material.

Why does Pb Stand for Lead on the Periodic Table?

It stands for Plumbum - which is the latin word for lead.

What is the symbole of bromine?


What is the name of PbS?

PbS As you know, Pb stands for Lead, and while S stands for Sulphar. Lead reacts with Sulphar and results in Lead(II)Sulphide.

What does PBY stand for?

PB stands for Patrol Bomber, with Y being Consolidated Aircraft's manufacturer identification.

What is the symbol for led?

The symbol for the element lead is Pb. It stands for plumbum, the Latin name for the element lead.

How was lead named?

Lead, it's symbol is Pb, which stands for plumbum. Plumbum means lead in Latin.

What is the symbol of Argentina?

a sun is the symbole

What does the olympic symbole mean?


What is the symbole for phosphorus?

It is P its the element symbol

What is lithium symbole?

the lithium symbol is Li

What is the periodic table abbreviation for the element lead?

The abbreviation for the element lead is Pb. This stands for the Latin name for lead, which is plumbum.

What isotopes do lead have?

Pb-204, Pb-206, Pb-207, Pb-208.

What is Washington DC's symbole?

it is standing for district of columbia.

What is the symbole for francium?

The chemical symbol of francium is Fr.

What the sign of a motor out of time?

Yellow light symbole