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The doctor has a blood test that tells him exactly what week you are Joymaker rn

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Why do I have pregnancy symptoms but I have my period?

Its possible to be pregnant yet have a period, I recomend going to your doctor just in case, as it may be a sign there is something wrong. (shouldnt be anything to bad)

You are three months pregnant and you are not feeling any movements or symptoms is there something wrong with the baby?

You must speak to your doctor about your symptoms (or lack of symptoms).

Negative test but no period with all symptoms of being pregnant is something wrong?

You need to go to the doctor if you're more than a couple weeks late and no period. Not to worry you just to make sure everything is ok.

What do you do if you have a itchy skin and a rash?

See a doctor as there are numerous conditions which could cause those symptoms and it would be pointless applying the wrong treatment.

Is it wrong to have your period for 2 weeks?

Hi Your question is: Is it wrong to have your period for 2 weeks? Yes this is not normal and you should see your Doctor about this.

Is there something wrong if you get your period after you turn fifteen?

No, there is nothing wrong with you. If you get to 18 and you still haven't had your period, you need to go and see the doctor

Is something wrong if you don't get your period for 8 months?

have you thought that maybe your pregnant I meen have you done it ? and if not I would consult a doctor.

What could be wrong if you are missing your period and also bleeding from your navel?

I would contact a doctor immediately. The problem could be related to a gynacological or digestive problem. See a doctor!

No period no symptoms of being pregnant What is wrong?

Your period could just be late, this happens sometimes.

What wrong if you haven't started your period and you are not a virgin?

Go and see the doctor

You have had your period for 18 days straight what could be wrong?

see a doctor

What is wrong if you are seeing your period for 14 days?

You should see a doctor.

I had my regular period then a week later i was bleeding like you were on your period what is wrong?

Well, I would suggest going to a Doctor. But, if you became pregnant within that week, it could be probably be bleeding. !

What would you say is wrong when you have not seen your period in 8 months and definitely not pregnant?

I personally dont know but, Go see your doctor! Or if your younger and you had one period then it disapears, its normal.

If you never have your period regularly is there something wrong with you?

Yes, and you need to see your doctor.

Is something wrong if you still have your period after ten days?

Yes! Call your doctor.

If you took the test it was negative but you missed a period?

Tests can be wrong but there are other reasons to miss a period. See you doctor.

You have Not had a period in 50 days you have taken numerous tests all negative Though you can relate to 9 symptoms of pregnancy What does it mean and what should you do?

Symptoms of pregnancy is vague-I would like to knew which ones. However, if you have had sexual intercourse, you could be pregnant. Best to see a doctor for a blood preganancy test and exam for why no period. There are reasons you dont have a period. Also possible home preg test could be wrong. L&D RN with 25 years experience.

What could be the problem if your last period was more than five weeks ago but you have no symptoms of pregnancy?

you may be pregnant without symptoms yet get tested if not it may be stress or hormone imbalance get the test and if it is negative go to the doctor if your period doesn't come within the next month because something more than stress could be wrong

When its been six weeks and your still on your period What is wrong?

This could be serious see a doctor

You are turning 21 and never before had your period is there something wrong?

Possibly. See a doctor.

Why did your dogs period stop?

that happend to my dog she had something wrong with her system and i took her to the doctor. =]

What is wrong if you have have abdominal pain?

If you have abdominal pain you should ask your doctor or go to There you can pinpoint symptoms and causes.

What other diagnostic is there that have the same symptoms as that being pregnant?

It depends on what symptoms you are experiencing exactly. Your Doctor is the best person to talk to as they can perform different tests to determine what is wrong.

Can you still have morning sickness even though you are told you would miscarry?

If you had a scan that told you you would miscarry, it may be that your dates are wrong or something. If you have had no bleeding and have started having symptoms of pregnancy go back to your doctor.