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You have a broken temp blend door in your heater/AC case. The reason it blows cold when you switch to MAX is because in the MAX position, the heater control valve shuts off coolant flow through the heater core. You will need a new heater case, because the door is inside the case and is not available separately. You had better replace the blend door actuator as well, because that is what I have found is causing the door to break to bgin with. The stops wear out in the actuator so that it begins advancing too far in one direction or the other and it breaks the doors.

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Q: The temperature control module in your 1997 ford explorer 8 cylinder is constantly in high heat the switch for air flow works but if you switch to ac it blows hot air however the max ac blow cold air?
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Why is temperature control module in your 2004 ford explorer 6 cylinder when switch over hot air does not work and thumping noise is heard?

It over heats

How do you repair the temperature control switch on a 1996 Ford Explorer xlt?

Remove the temperature control switch wiring harness. Remove the temperature control switch retaining screws. Reverse the process to install the new temperature control switch.

Does a cylinder head temperature sensor in a ford focus control the fan or does the coolant temperature sensor control it?

A coolant system temperature sensor controls it. : CHILTON calls it the cylinder head temperature sensor. Some after market manufacturers call it the coolant temperature sensor. These are equivalent.

The temperature control module in your 1997 Ford Explorer?

The temperature control module for a 1997 Ford explorer is the unit that controls all of the heat and ac functions. If it is not operating properly, then the heat ac and defrost will work improperly or not at all.

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What does error code p0125 on a '99 ford explorer mean?

Trouble code P0125 means:Insufficent coolant temperature for closed loop fuel control

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What is part number 1l2z-19e616-ca for a ford explorer xlt?

I believe it is a blend door actuator. The blend door actuator "blends" hot and cold air enabling you to control the climate control temperature.

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Where is speed control deactivation switch on a 2000 ford explorer?

It is located at the end of the Mater brake cylinder and has a wiring harness attached to it. Ford has a recall on this unit at the present time. You should contact the dealer for no charge repair.