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The control rods which are neutron absorbers can be raised or lowered to change the reactor power level. The temperature at the reactor outlet will be a function of both the power level of the reactor and the coolant flow rate and inlet temperature.

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Q: The temperature levels in a nuclear reactor are maintained primarily by the use of what?
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What is the advantage of using a pressurised nuclear reactor?

In a pressurised nuclear reactor the temperature is very high, which cn be accepted as a point for this.

What resources will you lose if you build a nuclear reactor?

Primarily Concrete and electoral votes

What were some of the uses for the first nuclear reactor?

The very first nuclear reactor was Chicago Pile 1. It was built for research and scientific use. The first nuclear reactor outside of a university was built (at Hanford, Washington) primarily to yield plutonium for the atomic bomb destined for Nagasaki, Japan. Nuclear reactors were built primarily for electrical generation beginning in about 1951.

What is the Japanese Nuclear Reactor?

A Nuclear Reactor.

Why ceramic used for wall of a nuclear reactor?

ceramic can withstand high temperature

What is the temperature of nuclear energy?

It does not have any particular temperature, the nuclear reactions are not influenced by temperature, though the behaviour of a nuclear reactor does depend on its temperature since this influences the neutron spectrum. In a PWR the coolant exit temperature is about 325 degC.

How can you measure the temperature inside a nuclear reactor?

Temperature sensors are installed in nuclear reactors as part of the design. An array of thermocouple-based sensors is not uncommon.

Can you increase the thermal power of a nuclear reactor without changing the core of the reactor?

Yes, we can increase the thermal power of a nuclear reactor without changing the core of the reactor; primarily by:increasing the coolant mass flow rate,modifying the control rod patterns, andupgrading the turbo generator system

What is the average temperature of a nuclear reactor?

A PWR has an inlet water temperature of 275 degC and outlet 325 degC

What is artificial nuclear reactor?

An artificial nuclear reactor is a nuclear reactor that is created by man to utilize a nuclear reaction for energy, as opposed to natural nuclear reactors.

What is nuclear reactor kinetics?

Nuclear reactor kinetics is the branch of reactor engineering and reactor physics and control that deals with long term time changes in reactor fuel and nuclear reactors.

Does South Africa has a nuclear reactor?

yes, south Africa has a nuclear reactor.