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The term genocide emerged as a consequence of?

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The Holocaust, in particular the Nazi "Final Solution."

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Modern term for genocide?

Genocide is the modern term used.

What is the difference between Holocaust and Genocide?

The Holocaust is an example of genocide. (Genocide is the more general term, and there have been other examples).

What social consequence emerged during the industrial revolution?

Families were forced to live in overcrowded urban neighborhoods

What was the objection of people to the term genocide in the holocaust?

There was no objection, but the word genocide was not created till 1943 ...

What is the English term for genocide?

Since the mid-1940s genocide has been the English term. It means killing a whole people, race, ethnic group.

What is the consequence to extrake diamonds?

Extrake is not a term used with diamonds.

What was not a long-term consequence of US foreign policy developments between 1898 and 1908?

Which of the following was not a long-term consequence of U.S. foreign policy developments between 1898 and 1908?

Doess genocide kill Jews?

Genocide is a term that means killing all members of a racial group. It could be applied to Jews as well as to other people.

What political party emerged during jacksons second term?

The Whig Party was formed during Jackson's second term.

What term praticed by the Nazis aimed to wipe out an entire group of people?

"Genocide" is the term used for killing an ethnic group of people.

What term describes the removing or killing of an entire ethnic group?

There are a number of terms but genocide is the closest term. Ethnic cleansing is another one.

What does genocide means?

"Genocide" is a term which means a mass killing of a particular group, such as Jews. In a sentence : "Hitler performed mass Genocide during WW2 on Jews" Source : http://www.Google.co.UK/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=define:genocide and such as the Armenian genocide when the Turkish killed one and half million armenians at 1915.

How many died in Iraq genocide?

It depends on which one. Most people use the term "Iraq genocide" to apply exclusively to the al-Anfal Campaign which was responsible for the cruel murder of 184,000 Kurds.

What is the correct phobia term for the fear of consequence?

I'd say Athychiphobia (Fear of Failure) is the closest.

What is a consequence of excess protein intake?

what could happen to you with a ling-term excess protein intake?

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