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describe the skeliton of the star fish

It is a cousin of star fish and sea urchins, all three of which are known as echinoderms.

Yes Starfish don't cause harm, but the sea urchins attached to some of them will.

echinodermata are sea creatures commonly known as star fish or sea stars. Yes that long scientific name is just to describe the humble star fish, its name is from the Greek language, literally meaning "spiny skin."

The Sun Fish and Star Fishes?

Asteroidea (Star Fish). or anteater, antelope

No, they are sea urchins and star fish. Vertebrates tend to have digits on their limbs (such as a wing, finger or toe).

puffer fish, eels, stingRay's, star fish, octopus, sharks and minnows.

Echinoderms, which include star fish, sand dollars, and sea urchins have an oral plate.

star fish eat dead crabs and small slow moveing sea creatures

All poisonous, and spiked sea critters, including sea urchins, star fish, jellyfish, sea cucumbers, etc.

they are an example of Crestations, or they all live in the same areas of coastal waters, depending on the species of crestation. ~Gabby Johnson

Star fish usually clams and other small creatures it pretty cool actually.

Sea urchins, sea cucumbers...

The duration of Invasion of the Star Creatures is 1.17 hours.

how often do starfish eatstar fish eat a range of creatures like limpets, chitons and sea weed.

Starfish are actually a member of a family called 'echinoderms'. All echinoderms are aquatic creatures and the starfish was probably incorrectly described as a fish when it was first discovered due to breathing and moving underwater. You can see more if you click on the related link. *people just call then star fish. their actually called "sea stars"

star fish is see animal

Both the mouth and the anus are on the back side of the sand dollar. The hard outside is called the test. A sand dollar is related to sea urchins and star fish.

Star fish are not fish because they are not vertebrates and do not have fins or tails. Star fish are INvertebrates, that means they have no backbones. They don't even look like a fish!

Sea star and the star fish are the same animal.

Yes, If another fish was to eat the star fish whilst underwater then the star fish would die.

Because they both have mouths and digestively similar

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