The three largest countries in population size in the North Africa Southwest Asia realm are?

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What is the population of the countries in north Asia?

Actually there are no countries in North Asia. As you can see, the largest country in the world is Russia, which is where North Asia is. North Asia is actually the region inside Russia named Siberia, and there are 3 federal districts in Siberia, Russia. 1. Ural Federal District, 2. Siberian Federal ( Full Answer )

Which country in Asia is the largest by population?

China has the largest population in the world. well obviously u didnt specify what creatures population if u r talking about homosapiens then china has the most human population in the world with over 1 billion

What are the rivers in Southwest Asia and North Africa?

There are only four permanent rivers (as opposed to seasonalrivers) in the Middle East and North Africa: the Nile, the Jordan,the Euphrates, and the Tigris. There are numerous seasonal riversand streams (wadis).

How does the soil of North Africa and southwest Asia become fertile?

The soil of North Africa and Southwest Asia, in general, isinfertile. Much of it is either rocky or just too arid. The areasof fertility center around the major rivers of the Middle East,such as the Nile River or Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. These riversdump particulates from the streambeds called s ( Full Answer )

Which country has largest Christian population in Asia?

Undoubtedly China, although the exact figures will never be known as the great bulk of these are in the non-sanctioned house church movement. The numbers have been conservatively estimated at over 60 million and growing rapidly. The official churches have significantly lower numbers, since the true ( Full Answer )

Africa three largest countries?

The three largest countries on the continent of Africa are Sudan,Algeria, and the Congo. The next largest countries in Africa areLibya, Chad, and Niger.

What country in size and population is the largest?

The largest country by land area is Russia, at just over 6,590,000 sq mi. China is the largest country by population. During the 2010 census, there were 1,340,000,000 people in China.

What country in Africa has the largest population?

The most populous country in Africa is Nigeria with an estimated population of 155,215,573 (2010) people. The largest country in Africa is Sudan and is not the most populated as vast areas of it are uninhabitable.

What is the population of the largest country in Africa?

The largest country in Africa is the Sudan. It's population was 41,347,723 in 2008. The African country with the largest population is Nigeria. It's population is expected to reach 155,000,000 this year.

What are the 5 largest populated countries in Africa?

The list in order is as follows with population between brackets in millions (as 0f 2010) . Nigeria (155) . Ethiopia (79) . Egypt (78) . South Africa (49) . Kenya (40) . Sudan (39)

Is Asia the largest in size and population?

Yes. Asia is thelargest and most populous continent in the world. Today, thepopulation of Asia is 4 billion+ people who live in the Asiancontinent. Also, Asia has 6 subregions: Central Asia, East Asia,North Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and West Asia. East Asia: Japan, China (plus Hong Kong and ( Full Answer )

What country in Asia has the third largest population?

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Why are southwest Asia and north Africa considered as a single region?

They are considered a single region due their similarities asIslamic States with a primarily Arab population. They have similareconomies and similar modes of lifestyle. North Africa is alsoculturally much closer to the Middle East than to Sub-SaharanAfrica because of constant interaction with the re ( Full Answer )