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Fossil Record

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Q: The total collection of all the fossils in the world is called the?
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How did fossils contribute to the idea of continental drift?

fossils helped the thought of continetal drift by how some species were in total opposite parts of the world

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A collection of works in the literary world is called an anthology. The collection of works could be poems, songs, plays, stories, or even small excerpts of books.

How are fossils a part of Alberta's identity?

The province is world-famous for it's spectacular dinosaur fossils, as well as a unique gem called "ammolite" found on fossil ammonites.

Which country do fossils come from?

Fossils can be found in any country in the world.

Are there any fossils in Greece?

Fossils are located everywhere around the World, so yes, there are fossils in Greece.

What is a collection of webpages linked together on the world wide web?

It's called a website.

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How do scientist learn about life's history through fossils?

They learn through a chemical called hypiothermalia and this is a pill that some scientists use to get together some ideas of where and what kind of fossils there are in the world. They find fossils in their head and they then go off to that place in the world and buy the fossils. Some scientists go mad if they do not get that fossil and this makes them raise their bid until they get the fossil.

Fossils that appear all over the world in certain rock layers are what?

Index fossils :)

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Where is the world's richest area of dinosaur fossils?

The world's richest area of dinosaur fossils is in Canada! Alberta's Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Where have fossils been found?

Fossils have been found nearly everywhere in the world because animals die everywhere in the world. Although most fossils that have been fond will have only been a part of it/.

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