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It would be extremely unlikely that you have an original coin. It is currently believed that there may be 2-3 original Guenzburg struck Maria Theresia Thalers (MTT) known. The price? Well there are no auction records for that variety, but for an original 1780 Prague strike, you could expect to fork out at least €27,000.00. In all there are very few original 1780 Maria Theresia Talers known; there are 2 Prague examples and only a handful of original Vienna mint coins known to exist.

Despite what some say it is relatively easy to identify very early 1780 MTT. Although The same design has been struck as a bullion piece for over 200 years, from 1780 to around 1805 there were several varieties produced ( all with the date 1780). One simple but not exclusive test is to look at the brooch on the bust...... If it is a plain oval brooch (without pearls you have a coin worth investigating further. If you want to get further information, hunt out a book called " The Lexicon of the Maria Theresien Taler" ( its is German and English) by Walter Hafner. Although over 20 years old now ( you can still get new copies in Vienna) that book will help a new collector quickly learn how to identify the different MTT Varieties.

Most modern Thalers sell for about $20 for their silver content.

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Q: The value of 1780 Maria Theresa Silver Thaler that is NOT a restrike?
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The value of 1780 Maria Theresa Silver Thaler that is a restrike?

It is worth its silver content, just slightly more than 3/4 troy OZ, plus a small premium if it is attractive.

How much silver in a maria theresa silver thaler?

Most original Silver Thalers have between approx. .70 and .80 ounce of silver in them.

What is a 1780 Maria Theresa silver coin worth?

Maria Theresa thalers dated 1780 are common and the vast majority of them were not struck in 1780. The Maria Theresa thaler has been struck from 1780 to the present. Because of this, the coins sell for about spot, and their silver content is .7156 of a troy ounce of silver, or about $15 or $16 depending on the price of silver.

How do you identify Maria Theresa Silver Thaler that is NOT a restrike?

The rarity of originals and the abundance of restrikes strongly favors any coin found to be a restrike, however a careful visual inspection is always prudent. There were many varients so a simple answer is not sufficient. As a rule if it looks bright and well centered, it is almost certainly a modern strike. Check this page:

What is the value of a 1780 Maria Theresa Thaler?

There are a few things to realize about a 1780 Maria Theresa Thaler: Your coin was NOT minted in 1780, the Austrian mint has produced Maria Theresa Thalers fixed at Maria Theresa's death in 1780, most likely your coin was made in the 20th or 21st century. That doesn't mean your coin is worthless it just means that your coin isn't several hundred years old. Since they are restrikes, they don't have much of a premium over silver value, today they run around $25-30 depending on silver price and the condition of the coin.

How much the coin1780arcid avst dux is worth?

The Maria Theresa thaler is still being minted with the 1780 date. It is basically a bullion coin containing approximately 3/4 ounce of pure silver.

What is the value of a 1780 maria theresa thaler coin?

These coins were restruck in various mints with the same date for many years, in fact the Chinese are still producing copies. Identifying the age of the coin therefore involves careful visual inspection. If it is a modern restrike (and not a base metal counterfeit) which is extremely more likely,they are generally sold for the silver content and a small premium, around $15-20. Forget the idea of finding an original, there are only a few in existence. But if it is an old restrike in attractive condition then you may have a valuable coin.

What is the value of a maria theresia thaler?

Most Maria Theresa Thalers are modern restrikes and generally trade for close to silver melt, about $20-21 at present. Don't let the date fool you, nearly all the coins were minted well after 1780 and indeed continue to this present day, still with the date of 1780.

What is a 1744 maria theresa coin worth?

All Maria Theresa dollar-sized coins (called "thalers" or "talers") should have the date 1780. If your coin is a different size, please post a new question with its size and denomination. The Maria Theresa thaler coin has been struck by many countries for over 200 years. Original issues and early restrikes are almost impossible to tell apart, but restrikes have mostly been sold as bullion pieces and are worth about $17 at current silver prices.

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What is the value of a 1780 Maria therese silver coin?

First, it is highly unlikely your coin was struck in 1780, the Maria Theresa thaler has been struck in large quantities from 1780 all the way to the present day. If you are really interested, there are ways to determine by the die if yours is an older strike or a newer one. But generally, these coins sell for silver scrap, or perhaps a bit more. You should easily be able to sell it for $20-25 depending on the price of silver.

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