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Value of Superman comics?

Action Comics (the Issue with the origin of Superman) original version in mint condition has fetched at auction in excess of US$ 275,000.oo Overstreets Comic Price Guide lists the value of them can probably get this information off their website

What is Superman?

Superman is a man whose abilities and moral values transcend to somewhere between civilization and God. His a man that metaphorically walks through the encaging boundaries of super practical perceptions of reality. With his selective allies and families. The opposite of the evil genius and mortal fo ( Full Answer )

How can you be Superman?

No one can actually be superman because he is a fictional character created by people for entertainment,

Meaning of heart of stone?

hard hearted, not affectionate.. Well, I don't know but my best geuss would be the eldunari mentioned in the third book (Brisingr).

What does Superman do?

He lives life as Clark Kent working a job as a reporter for a newspaper called the Daily Planet. When there is trouble- he assumes the identity of Superman as a disguise so he can use his superpowers in public without anyone knowing it is actually Clark Kent doing all that stuff. His abilities are s ( Full Answer )

Where is Superman from?

Superman was really from the planet Krypton- but it exploded and hewas sent to Earth where he was raised in Smallville, Kansas. Andthen he got a job at the daily planet.

What is the value of a 1993 Superman comic 'Funeral for a Friend' by DC?

There are actually several comics labeled Funeral for a Friend . It was part of a series referencing the death of Superman. Comics included in this are: . World Without a Superman . The Adventures of Superman #498: Death of a Legend . Action Comics #685, Featuring Supergirl: RE: Actions . L ( Full Answer )

What is a Superman?

superman is a super cool dude who loves to eat pie on Sundays and has a really cool curl in his hair and loves cats his cats name is fluffy he loves poop

What can Superman do?

Superman can do a lot of things no ordinary person can. He can fly, he has super strength, heat vision, X-ray vision, and super breath. He is also invulnerable to anything made on Earth. His only major weakness is kryptonite.

Death of Superman comicbook value?

The price of the Death of Superman comic book will vary dependingon the condition. This comic book can be worth anywhere from $10 toover $200.

What did superman do?

HE CAME TO EARTH IN A PAD (SPACE-POD), depending on the comic your reading, HE LANDED IN AMERICA OR RUSSIA He was adopted by simple townsfolk who teach him the important human values - most importantly - the importance of helping others. He then discovered a whole range of different powers at his ( Full Answer )

What is Value of marvel comics death of Superman?

Death of Superman is by DC not marvel. Comics need about 20 years to start gaining value, so next year they'll start rising. Right now, depending on condition, about 1 ½ times face value

What does it mean to have a heart of stone?

A very cold and unfeeling nature, as in You'll get no sympathy from her; she has a heart of stone . This idea dates from ancient times and in English appeared in the Bible

Where do you get a fire stone in heart gold?

First, you have to have the national dex. Then go to the poke'athlon place and go to your left to find a counter. Talk to her and she will give you a list of prizes( but you have to have points). Keep talking to her every day of the week, and one day she will have a fire stone.

Where do you find a water stone in heart gold?

You can get a fisherman's phone number and then someday he'll call you and make you come in where the fisherman battled you and maybe he might give you a water stone.

On heart gold how do you get a red stone?

You can get a fire stone from the Pokeathalon sometimes for 2500 points, or sometimes as a reward for the Bug Catching Contest, or sometimes the Schoolboy Alan kid will call you with one

In Pokemon Heart Gold how do you get a fire stone?

I know you can get them in the Pokethlon dome, at the prize exchange. Check back there every day and every now and then they have them, as well as pretty much every other stone you can possibly get.

Where do you get a thunder stone in heart gold?

You can get 1st place in the bug catching contest or get an action replay and cheat.(NOTE: The evolution stones that you get for winning th B.C.C. are random.)

Where is there a dawn stone in heart gold?

first you have go to the pokeathlon but make sure 1 of youre Pokemon has all the 5 badges ( or thing whatever ) then you got 1/2 and 2/2 go to 2/2 there is a sun stone a dawn stone and a dusk stone and a water stone i think you become al that on Friday i don't know it realy exacley ..... hope it ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a moon stone in heart gold?

One of the easiest ways to get a moon stone is by going to Mount Moon Square. A few Clefairy will be dancing. Walk up to them, and they will run away, leaving behind a moon stone. Of course, there are other ways, too.

Where is a water stone in heart gold?

Well, if you've got the game I think you have, you can go to the Athlete Shop in the Pokeathlon Dome daily to see if they have it (it will take 2,500 Athlete Points.) If it is not the game I think you have, just look for Pokeballs on the ground. Or if you have the new Heart Gold, you can do both. Bu ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a fire stone on heart gold?

Johto: National Park (1st in bug catching contest), Route 36 (Pokegear phone call) Or at the Pokeathlon shop on Thursdays and Sundays ( 2,500cp ) Kanto: Route 25 (Show Bill's Grandad a Growlthie (HG) Or Vulpix (SS) ) Sources:

Where to get water stone in heart gold?

Bill's grandfather, Fisherman Tully on Route 42, the first prize in the Bug-Catching Contest, the Seafoam Islands, and you can get it in the Athlete Shop in the Pokeathlon dome.

How do you get a heart stone?

you go to Eterna City talk to an old man then you get an adventure kit or something like that then you go on to it (it goes on wifi) then mine for it by pressing on a sparkle in a wall and use the tools and pound.

How do you get an oval stone in heart gold?

I would suggest getting it from the second story of the Lost tower in Platinum, Pearl, or Diamond, then give it to a Pokemon and get a friend that has a DS to let you use it if you don't have more then one and trade the Pokemon with the oval stone to your HeartGold game.

What was Superman?

Depending on which man is that 'Super'. I have no idea why your related topic is Justin Bieber or baboons, and Snow leopards. ~~Note: [If you are going to vandalize WikiAnswers, this question will be flagged, and thus removed.] ~~New notice: [Thank you for noticing this notice.] ~ ~~[Last edited by ( Full Answer )

What is value of Superman pep pin?

The Superman pep pin was made in every series of pep pins. So its not real rare like the Phantom or Felix the cat. In good condtion about 10 to 15 us dollars

What is the value of the blue sapphire stone?

if your talking about it in leafgreen of firered version pokemon, take it to celio, and he will take it and tell you to get a ruby also, then you are able to trade with ruby, sapphire, and emerald games.

How do you melt a stone heart?

u melt it by not being sweet but telling him ure the one for him if u be yourself like say uve gone throu somethin in ure life he'll understand and kno how it feels

How much does a superman 1978 vintage trash can value?

In mint condition and if you find a collector who actually wants it; around $100 If there are any flaws whatsoever it will be worth considerably less; there is also a limited market for people interested in niche novelty items like this (in contrast to those who collect the toys or comics which a ( Full Answer )