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This can be a sign that the voltage regulator is not working properly. First what is high. A normal battery is between 11 volts and 13.8 volts. When the system is charging a reading of 14 to 14.5 volts is not uncommon. With the vehicle off and the switch turned to on you should see the normal battery voltage. Vehicle gauges have been know to be off due to many different things. Over charging a battery can cause it to explode. I would look over the above information and if it is showing that it might be over charging (above 14.5 volts) get it checked and fixed really soon.

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Q: The voltage gauge on my ford truck runs high?
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What does it mean when the battery gauge reads high in your ford crown Victoria?

Voltage regulator is defective. Have it replaced or this will ruin your battery.

What is the H and L gauge for the Ford Crown Victoria 1996?

On a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria : The H / L ( High / Low ) gauge : On the drivers side of the speedometer is the battery voltage gauge On the passenger side of the speedometer is the engine oil pressure gauge

Why does volt gauge read high?

Because the voltage is high?

Why do your battery gauge read too high?

Voltage Regulator bad

What does it mean when the battery gauge reads high in my ford F-150?

When your battery gage reads high, it means that your voltage regulator is shot. Your voltage is too high. You are about to wreck your battery and some of your electronics. You are facing an extremely expensive repair job if you do not get a fairly inexpensive part fixed.

How high can you lift a Ford truck?

Depends... Can i use a jack?

What does it mean when a red spanner shows on ford pick up truck?

It is bacicly the more high class ford pickup

What is the maximum demand of high tension power cable?

That depends on it's gauge, the lower the gauge the higher load it can handle.Another AnswerMaximum demand describes the maximum electrical load applied to a high-voltage (high-tension) electrical cable.

How do you replace a fitting from a high pressure oil pump that is leaking oil in a 2001 ford F350 diesel truck?

how do you replace a fitting from a high pressure oil pump that is leaking oil in a 2001 ford F350 diesel truck?

What does code 1554 mean on a 1996 Chevy 1500 truck?

P1554 Cruise Engaged Circuit High Voltage

What does high voltage cables do?

It connects a high voltage source to a high voltage user.

If the gas gauge is stuck in one spot on a 1997 Ford Escort how do you access it to try and fix it?

check the fuse, it should be linked to other devices in the vehicle if you've noticed other components (radio, interior lights, etc.) not working. if the gauge is pegged in the super high or low position and the fuse is good, pull apart dash and check voltage reading at gauge wiring (you need voltage values from ford to determine if the gauge is out or if it is indeed telling you the right reading). If the gauge wiring checks out, the sender unit on your fuel pump went out and it is integral with the fuel pump itself. Ala, time to replace the fuel pump. Good luck.

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