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The voltage gauge on my ford truck runs high?


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2007-05-10 00:41:26
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This can be a sign that the voltage regulator is not working properly. First what is high. A normal battery is between 11 volts and 13.8 volts. When the system is charging a reading of 14 to 14.5 volts is not uncommon. With the vehicle off and the switch turned to on you should see the normal battery voltage. Vehicle gauges have been know to be off due to many different things. Over charging a battery can cause it to explode. I would look over the above information and if it is showing that it might be over charging (above 14.5 volts) get it checked and fixed really soon.


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Voltage regulator is defective. Have it replaced or this will ruin your battery.

Because the voltage is high?

The voltage regulator is responsible for regulating alternator output. Look at the volt gauge in the dash. If it is too high generally that means that the regulator is bad. Take the truck to Autozone and have them check it for you. They offer this service free of charge and will do it on the truck.

When your battery gage reads high, it means that your voltage regulator is shot. Your voltage is too high. You are about to wreck your battery and some of your electronics. You are facing an extremely expensive repair job if you do not get a fairly inexpensive part fixed.

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check the fuse, it should be linked to other devices in the vehicle if you've noticed other components (radio, interior lights, etc.) not working. if the gauge is pegged in the super high or low position and the fuse is good, pull apart dash and check voltage reading at gauge wiring (you need voltage values from ford to determine if the gauge is out or if it is indeed telling you the right reading). If the gauge wiring checks out, the sender unit on your fuel pump went out and it is integral with the fuel pump itself. Ala, time to replace the fuel pump. Good luck.

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Either your oil pressure gauge is reading low , your engine temperature gauge is reading high , or your fuel gauge is reading low so your almost out of gas

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Two options. Either the alternator is bad (voltage reg), or the computer is no good. Turn the head lights on (at night). If thy flicker, like high beams, then the computer is fried. C.E.

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High oil pressure or a faulty oil pressure gauge.

On a 2002 Ford Ranger : The check " gage " light comes on if : The engine coolant temperature is TOO HIGH The engine oil pressure is TOO LOW or The fuel gauge is at or near empty

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Either your engine coolant temperature is too high , your oil pressure too low , or your gas gauge is near or at empty

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