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The volume of a circular cylinder varies directly with the height of the cylinder and with the square of the cylinder's radius If the height is halved and the radius is doubled then the volume will be increased.

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If the mass is doubled then the force needed is also doubled,according to the equation F=MV2/R

If the radius and height of a cylinder are both doubled, then its surface area becomes 4 times what it was originally, and its volume becomes 8 times as much.

Momentum = mass x velocity. So if the velocity is doubled, momentum will be doubled as they are directly proportional to each other.

If the mass of the object is doubled the results are directly affected. This will automatically increase the space occupied by the object.

since the volume of a right cylinder is height x area of base, the area of the baseis Pi * r^2 (r is radius which is 1/2 of diameter), so the area of the base did notchange, while the height is doubled so the volume is doubled.

The formula for the volume of a cylinder is pi*r*r*h. So, substitute 2r for r (double radius) and leave h as it is: pi*(2r)*(2r)*h = 4pi*r*h. Therefore the new volume is four times that of the original volume.

That too gets doubled. Because for a constant mass, force and acceleration are directly related.

volume is related as radius squared x height soif both radius and height doubled volume increases 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 times

You can calculate this with Kepler's Third Law. "The square of the orbital period of a planet is directly proportional to the cube of the semi-major axis of its orbit." This is valid for other orbiting objects; in this case you can replace "planet" with "satellite". Just assume, for simplicity, that the satellite orbits Earth in a circular orbit - in this case, the "semi-major axis" is equal to the distance from Earth's center. For your calculations, remember also that if the radius is doubled, the total distance the satellite travels is also doubled.

It depends on whether the height remains unchanged or increases in the same proportion as the radius.

The relation between kinetic energy is proportional to the square of velocity. Momentum is directly proportional to velocity. If the momentum of an object is doubled, but its mass does not increase (so velocity remains well below the speed of light), then its velocity is doubled. If the velocity is doubled then the kinetic energy increases by the square of 2, or four time.

Pretend you have a soup can in front of you. That is a cylinder. Now, pretend you are cutting off both ends, which are circles. Now, with the leftover body part, unfold it, so it resembles a rectangle. Now you have circles and triangles. Now, use the rectangular area formula (Area=Base X Height) and find the area of the rectangle. Now, use the circular area formula (Pi [3.14] X Radius [Half the diameter]2) and multiply that by 2 (because of the 2 circles, top and bottom). Add the rectangular and circular (the doubled total) together and you have the area of the cylinder. I hope this helped!

If only the length is doubled, the volume is also doubled.If only the length is doubled, the volume is also doubled.If only the length is doubled, the volume is also doubled.If only the length is doubled, the volume is also doubled.

resistance is directly proportional to wire length and inversely proportional to wire cross-sectional area. In other words, If the wire length is doubled, the resistance is doubled too. If the wire diameter is doubled, the resistance will reduce to 1/4 of the original resistance.

The diameter of a circle is doubled if the circumference is doubled.

In the last ten years, the population of the planet has doubled.

17 doubled once is 34doubled again is 17 doubled twice is 68.

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