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The word hoard in a sentence?


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a sentence for the word horad???


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The bird began to hoard food for the winter.

Blackbeard came back to rescue his little hoard of gold.

The dwarves and the elves were fighting for the hoard of gleaming gold.

There was a hoard of garden gnomes waiting to attack the elf village. Its a group or accumulation of something

Because of his memories of the Great Depression, the man started to hoard his money. Police captured the tomb robber and recovered his hoard of stolen artifacts.

I hoarded my Phone, so my brothers can't find it.

If your using a sentence where an action is to keep an object(s) without using it. For example, "Dragons have a tendency to hoard gold in their caves".

She would always hoard her candy and have a big stash of it for a long time.

Because of his memories of the Great Depression the man started to hoard his money.

Squirrels hoard nuts in the fall so they can eat them during the winter months.

Hoard is a noun meaning stockpile. Synonyms for the word hoard include abundance, accumulation, aggregation, collection, garner, inventory, mass, reserve, and stock.

We but tins of beans when they are on offer and hoard them in the garage.I have a hoard of old magazines under my bed.

1. hoard (to store) : Merchants should not hoard when goods are in demand. 2.Horde (huge crowd/number) : The horde of immigrants landed at the sea port.

No, the noun 'hoard' is a concretenoun, a word for a collection, supply, or store of something; a group of physical things.

Stash or stow works...

Not only can I give myself a sentence, but I can give you one too! "While the king was decreeing his new law about higher taxes, the peasants were preparing their hoard of rotten vegetables."

5-letter wordshoard7-letter wordsuphoard2 words found.

supply, stockpile, hoard, cache

I hoarded my candy so my sister and brother wouldn't take it and eat it.

The word hamster comes from the German word, hamstern, which means to hoard.

the homophone for 'hoard' is 'hord'

hamsters got their name from a German word hamstern which means to hoard and hoard means to pouch food in your mouth and then eat it later

Some synonyms of the word stash include: Hide Hoard

The Mongol hordes used to stash hoards of gold.

slight hoard fight bored night hoard light hoard etc

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