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The yellow bands on Saturn are formed by?

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The yellow bands on Saturn are formes by Crystallized ammonia.

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What are the yellow bands on Saturn formed by?

They are made from crystallized ammonia. This answer is certianly correct.

What are the yellow bands in Saturn formed from?

Either Dried lava. Hydrogen and helium. Crystallized ammonia. Carbon dioxide.

What Saturn's yellow bands made of?

The rings around Saturn made out of ice and rocks

Are Saturn's yellow bands formed by hydrogen and helium?

Cristalized Ammonia

How did Saturn get its colors?

Saturn gets its colours from the really fast winds (500m per second) combined with the heat rising from within the planet. This creates the yellow and gold bands visible in the atmosphere.

Is Saturn Yellow?

Saturn reflects light from the sun and that is why it looks yellow. The rings of Saturnare clouds made up of small particles.

Why is Saturn color yellow?

Saturn is so yellow because of the sun reflecting of it and plus it is a tan color

What is the yellow planet?


What planet is yellowish in color-venus or Saturn?

Venus is more yellow, but Saturn is a yellow/brown colour.

How were Saturn rings formed?

They were formed by icy rocks.

What planet is covered with colored bands of gases?

jupiter and saturn

What is the color of Jupiter and the color of Saturn?

Jupiter is orange and Saturn is yellow.

Why does Saturn look yellow?

Saturn looks yellow due to the composition of its atmosphere. The atmosphere is comprised mainly of hydrogen and helium, which gives off a yellow color.

Why is Saturn yellow?

its the small amounts of elements which make the colours. Uranus and Neptune are blue from methane. Saturn is yellow from ammonia. Jupiter is orange from ammonia hydrosulphide.

Whats the surface like on Saturn?

Saturn, incidentally, overall has a density less than that of water. If you had a bath tub sufficiently big, Saturn would float in it. Through a telescope, Saturn (the actual planet, not the rings) just looks an ugly yellow color. A closer look however, will reveal bands of white, brown, and even blue gasses

What is the colors of Saturn?

yellow and orange

Reddish yellow planet?


What is the actual color of Saturn?


What is Saturn color?

It is gray and yellow

What is ionic band?

these are bands formed by the gain or loss of electrons.they are the bands between ions

Are silly bands really silly?

Not really. They are just rubber bands formed into shapes.

Planet covered with dark and light bands?

Saturn is the planet that will answer your question

What planet is covered with bands of gases?

Jupiter is (and to a lesser extent Saturn).

What bands formed in 1996?

Linkin park

What color is Saturn and its rings?

saturn is a hazy yellow color with a little bit of green and orange in it and its rings are more of a brown yellow grey color with sparkly ice particles

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