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Theme of Schindler's list?

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What is ghetto in schindlers list?


Is schindlers list on Netflix?

apparently not :/

When did schindlers list first show?


Where is the movie quote Its Go Time from?

Schindlers List

What was the purpose of schindlers list?

entertainment and education. [It is a film]

Is exaggeration used in Schindlers List?

jews dying

How many people were on schindlers list?

Around 1,100 Jews.

What is the film called about Jewish people in a ghetto?

Schindlers List

Who was the Jewish maid in schindlers list?

You may be thinking of Helen Hirsch.

What does exhume mean in schindlers list?

to exhume - to dig up (of corpse)

What was the movie called that Stephen Spielberg created about the Holocaust?

Schindlers List.

What is the role of Stern in Schindlers list?

he was Schindler's accountant and friend in the end.

How would you feel if you were treated like the Jews from schindlers list?

I would be dead...

Did schindler really spray water into the train in the movie schindlers list?


Are any of the jew's on Oskar Schindlers list still alive?

Yes there is still many of Jews that was on the list alive

Difference between oskar schindler and schindlers list?

one was a person, the other is a film

What is DEF in schindler's list?

Deutsche Emaillewaren-Fabrik, the name of Oskar Schindlers factory.

What jobs did hannelore have in the concentration camps?

in schindlers list, what jobs did hannelore did have in the concentration camps?

Did schindlers list win an Academy Award for best film about World War 1 World War 2 or the Vietnam war?

Schindlers List was based on events that occured during WW2, involving Nazi Germany's treatment of Polish Jewish refugees.

Did steven spielberg ask to be paid for schindlers list?

No, Seven Spielberg did not ask to be paid for making this movie.

Why did the woman take the shirt as Schindler is crying in front of the car at the end of Schindlers List?

Because she was cold.

Steven Spielberg won Academy Awards for which 2 movies?

Schindlers List and Saving Private Ryan

What was the plaszow forced labor camp?

This was a Nazi concentration camp in Poland; and was epitomised in the film 'Schindlers' List'.

What is the moral lesson in the movie schindlers list?

No matter how great evil is, there is always a way to fight against it.

How did stern help schindler?

Itzhak Stern made the list of Schindlerjuden. In English, those German words mean "Schindlers Jews"