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characters :

sweetgrass, otter, shabby bull, almost-mother,


Canadian blackfoot Indian tribe


The Canadian blackfoot Indian tribe was infected by a small pox epidemic and famine. Shabby bull their leader, has gone to visit the other tribe to see how bad is th estrike of famine and the epidemic. sweetgrass, is the appointed to take care the sick ones.

Because of the famine they cant find meat. then she remembered that the other tribe manages to find meat from the river, but she hesitated because fish is their tribe's forbidden food. But she still choose life. She catch fishes and feed the hungry people of their tribe. And slowly they recover from smallpox. on the seventeenth day, her father arrived and was proud of her because of the wise decision she had done. And her father brought a surprise for them a freshly killed rabbit

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It is Sweetgrass who's telling the story :)

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The Life From A rIVER cONFLICT

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Q: Theme of the story of life from the river by Jan Hudson?
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