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The most famous is E=MC2, meaning Energy=Mass times the Speed of Light squared.

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How many theories did Einstein have?

5, theories

Who can tell each one of einstein theories?

The speed of light is a constant, The laws of physics are the same everywhere are some of Einstein theories.

What inventions made Albert Einstein famous?

Albert Einstein had no significant inventions. His theories however led to inventions by other scientists. Einstein himself worked primarily in theories as a physicist and mathematician.

What are the theories of Einstein?

e=mc squared

Did Einstein wrote a book?

no, only theories

What theories did Einstein come up with?

einstein came up with the general theory of relativity

Why is Albert Einstein a hero?

for his theories, experiments and discoveries i am confused what were his experiments, theories and discoveries

How many theories did Einstein come up with?

Albert came up with 12 theories.

What is the greatest achievement of Albert Einstein?

His theories of Relativity.

Albert Einstein papers of 1905?

They were about the theories of realativity

What are the theories of a digital multimeter?

buried with einstein. amen

Has Einstein theories have an impact on today scientists?

yes,and made the nuclear bomb by starting of the theories

Who was Albert Einstein similar to?

As regards to what? Albert Einstein is similar to many revolutionary thinkers throughout history. As regards to physics, there are a number of notable theoretical physicists of whom Einstein based his theories off of, and yet, a larger number today which base their theories off of Einstein's theories.

What did Albert Einstein do most as a scientist?

He mostly created theories

Which one of theories were published by Einstein Relativity or Exclusivity?


Which of the following scientists proposed the theories of relativity?

Albert Einstein

What Jewish scientist proposed the theories of relativity?

Albert Einstein

Was the things albert Einstein invented better for the world?

Einstein invented nothing. He wrote theories as to how the universe works.

What was Albert Einstein job?

In his native country and in America, Einstein made a living lecturing at universities about his theories and mathematical equations.

Did Albert Einstein have difficult times?

Of course, everyone has difficult times. Einstein was tormented by how difficult creating his theories of relativity was.

What kind of things did Albert Einstein really invent?

Einstein did not invent anything. He gave us whole new theories.

When did Einstein publish his theories of relativity?

Einstein published the Special Theory of Relativity in 1905, and the General Theory of Relativity in 1915.

Who revolutionized the concept of the universe with theories of special and general activity?

Albert Einstein proposed General and Special Theories of Relativity.

Brief paragraph about Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein was a very intelligent man obviously. His hair was crazy, too! He had theories of relativity.

What did Albert Einstein invent that is used today?

Einstein was not an inventor. He was a theoretical physicist that developed a number of theories that have been proven true.