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A relaxing massage can be very therapeutic for a stressed individual.

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What is a sentence for the word therapeutic?

Therapeutic refers to the healing of disease. The hot bath was therapeutic for his arthritis.

The word therapeutic used in a sentence?

The man was put through therapeutic techniques to help him through his problems.

How do you use the word therapeutic in a sentence?

It was so therapeutic to soak in the bath after working all day in the garden.

How can you write autism in a sentenceย ?

Autism is believed to be caused by a hormonal imbalance, but can be cured through therapeutic sessions.

Is this sentence transitive or intransitive Brad believes in music for its therapeutic effect on unhappy people?


Difference between therapeutic and non therapeutic technique?

Therapeutic is an immediate physical treatment, non-therapeutic is a treatment such as sterilisation

Sentence for the word chiropody?

The practice of chiropody is the treatment and prevention of diseases or disorders of the foot by therapeutic or orthotic means.

How would you define the therapeutic dosage?

The therapeutic dosage is the amount of a therapeutic agent which causes the therapeutic effect. This is prescribed by qualified therapists for varied conditions.

What is a sentence for trifle?

Patty saw making her bed as a mere trifle while others found it quite relaxing and therapeutic.

Fodds for therapeutic diet?

foods for therapeutic diet

How do you spell therapeutic?

That is the correct spelling of the word "therapeutic."

What is the purpose of a therapeutic drug?

"Therapeutic" means creating some healthful effect. A therapeutic drug is one aimed at restoring health.

What are the principles and practices of therapeutic massage?

Enumerate the practices of therapeutic massage

Mefenamic acid what are its therapeutic action?

what is the therapeutic action of mefenamic acid

What is the duration of Therapeutic Pink?

The duration of Therapeutic Pink is 360.0 seconds.

Therapeutic blood levels for benadryl?

Therapeutic blood level for benadryl

What is therapeutic procedures?

Therapeutic procedures are procedures that soothe you. Therapeutic procedures don't just soothe you mentally, but physically, too. There are a wide range of therapeutic procedures, which range from massages, to just sitting in a warm bath.

Therapeutic dosage of calcium carbonate calx?

therapeutic dosage of calcium carbonate ?

What are the 7 therapeutic uses for drugs?

in pharmacology the seven therapeutic uses of drugs

How is therapeutic massage framework represented in the community?

therapeutic massage framework in the community

What is the adjective of therapy?

Therapeutic as in Baking bread and kneading dough can be very therapeutic.

Can dance be therapeutic like music?

yes. anything that you enjoy doing is therapeutic.

What has the author George De Leon written?

George De Leon has written: 'The therapeutic community' 'Therapeutic Communities for Addictions' 'Phoenix House: studies in a therapeutic community (1968-1973)' -- subject(s): Drug addiction, Phoenix House Foundation, Rehabilitation, Therapeutic communities, Therapeutic community, Treatment

Is reflexology a type of therapeutic massage?

Reflexology is indeed an additional type of therapeutic massage. Here is a helpful website to check out.

What are therapeutic diets?

therapeutic diets are based on normal adequate diets, modified as necessary