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There's fuel and spark going to the engine of your 94 Plymouth sun dance but it still wont start what could cause this?

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2007-01-05 06:07:39
2007-01-05 06:07:39

your distributor could be 180 degrees out. this causes the spark to hit when the cylinder is pushing the old gas out and pulling new gas in, take out the spark plug for the number 1 cylinder, put your finger in the hole and turn the engine over until you get pressure to push your finger out. the adjust the mark on the crank until it lines up with zero mark for timing (top dead center) Now-- make sure the distributor's rotor is lined up with the wire to the #1 cylinder on the cap. AND MAKE SURE the wires are going in the right direction with the rotor,>>>>>>if the timing was 1 2 3 4 clockwise and you have the wires going 1 2 3 4 counterclockwise, the engine is timed at 1 4 3 2 and will not start.

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