There are trillions of galaxies so like this are there trillions of universes?

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Currently, man has only observed 1 universe that contains all that which we can see, including a trillion other galaxies each containing roughly 100 billion stars or so each, but theoretically, our universe may be only 1 of an infinite number of other universes that we can not see or detect (yet...).

To make it easier to comprehend the theoretical, imagine our entire universe is a bubble among an infinite number of bubbles floating in a vast ocean. The distances between the bubbles may be so great, that we are incapable of detecting or seeing them or possibly we just can't see beyond the edge of our own bubble or maybe we exist on the inside of the bubble's surface which curves back upon itself, so if you looked far enough, you might just ee the back of your own head. :) (look up Mobius Strip for a better description of this)

Another idea, is that there are an infinite number of universes that are not so far away, but which exist entirely in another dimension or time that we can not detect. (Imagine a universe that exists 1 minute in the past from ours. We could never see it as we are always existing one minute ahead of it and it could never see us as we were are always traveling a minute ahead of them. (this is an over simplification, but you get the theoretical idea.)

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