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There is a clicking noise from behind the front wheels when I turn the steering wheel completely to either end?

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a bad cv joint. on front wheel drive cars, it may be the CV joint...try a free brake inspection at a chain brake shop, and while they're checking it for free and no obligation, ask the mechanics to take a peek at your CV joints and boots..:) also everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and a professional shop manual should be available at your local library in the reference section, make copies of the appropriate pages, and good luck:)

2006-07-18 21:03:34
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What are the two buttons on either side behind the steering wheel for?

if you take buttons off should be nuts behind each one to remove out cover of wheel

What causes a clicking noise from steering column while car is moving forward Sometimes stops at 50 mph?

The speedometer cable is either worn out or loose.

How do you stop leak of steering rack of Venture 2002?

When a power steering rack leaks you either have to rebuild it with a rebuild kit found at your local parts store or replace it completely. There is no quick repair for that.

What is the location of backup light switch on 1995 Ford F250 diesel truck?

Check either on the steering column down by brake pedal or on side of transmission Check either on the steering column down by brake pedal or on side of transmission Check either on the steering column down by brake pedal or on side of transmission Check either on the steering column down by brake pedal or on side of transmission Check either on the steering column down by brake pedal or on side of transmission

When you turn your steering wheel in either direction your car makes a loud whiny sound what cause that?

whining sound when turning the steering wheel, in either direction, means that the power steering fluid is low and/or possibly the power steering pump is going bad.

Why is your steering wheel squeeking?

You either have no/low power steering fluid in your car, or there is some other problem with the power steering, such as a leak in the tube.

Where is the fuse box located IN MY 1985 BMW 535 i?

check either under the dash, just to the left of the steering whell, if it isn't there, check behind the ash tray. if not located there, check under the hood, close to the window on either side.

Where is the horn on a 2007 Ford Escape located?

There will be either a button on the steering wheel or in the middle of the steering wheel.

Why is your car power steering hard?

You either need power streering fluid or a power steering belt.

Can you use atf for power steering fluid?

Yes, you can use either for power steering however YOU CAN NOT use power steering in your trans. Good question!

How do you take out airbag 1998 altima?

There are two 10mm bolts under the shroud surrounding the steering column directly behind the steering wheel. They go in on either side. You will see a small plastic cover either in the side of the shroud or, if you have steering wheel controls the plastic panel in the back of the steering wheel controls. Remove the panel and you will see the bolt heads, one on either side. Once you remove the bolts carefully pull the airbag away from the steering wheel and remove the small yellow plastic wire. By the way. Before you do any of that disconnect the battery and wait for about half an hour so you don't have residual electricity deploy the bag.

Clicking noise coming from my speakers in a 745 BMW?

the clicking noise is either, a) the motor assembly of the speaker rattling, B)cone rattling, C) its just blown. it will need to be replaced either way.

Where is the connection for the diagnostic scanner located on a 2002 Chevy cavalier?

The OBDII connection is usually under the dashboard on either side of the steering column. If it is not readily visible, it will be located behind a removable panel.

Where do you find the flasher relay in a ford transit connect van?

It's under the steering column behind the brake pedal assembly. It'll either be black, yellow or white depending on the model.

How universal coupling works in automotive steering linkages?

A "U" joint is generally used in the steering column shaft between the wheel and the steering gear. This would be either the rack or the steering box.

What is the problem if your power steering is full the belt is on but you have no power steering?

Likely either the motor or the rack&pinion is shot.

Where do you place you hands on the steering wheel?

It can either be 10 and 2 or 8 and 4. Think as your steering wheel is a clock.

What would cause a squealing noise every time the steering wheel is turned either left or right?

Power Steering Fluid Or Power Steering Pump

Why does your steering wheel turns easily but your wheels don't?

All steering linkages have either a "U" joint to align the Steering Colum to the steering box or rack OR They have a noise and vibration damper made of rubber and cloth like a tire side wall. Either of these components can fail and cause the symptom you describe.

Time setting BMW 325i?

Use the two knobs behind the steering wheel beneath the odometer and tachometer. Push both of these buttons in and turn them either direction. Mess with the knobs to try and get the feel of it.

Turn signal flasher location 1999 Mercury Villager?

Under the dash to the left of the steering column mounted to the side wall. It will either be just above the kick panel or behind it toward the top.

Where is the ignition switch located for a 1999 Cadillac Catera?

If you can't find the ignition switch then it appears that you may either be too drunk or too stupid to be behind a steering wheel. You're joking, right?

How do you download black ra1n?

by clicking either the windows logo or the Mac logo

Where is the fuse located for the cigarette lighter in a 2001 Toyota Solara?

Either under hood right by box in battery or behind coin holder to left of steering wheel, looks like and astray, remove and fuse panel is behind this. It will say ciggaratte lighter or something to that effect.

What power steering fluid to use for a 1988 Mercedes 300e?

Either MB power steering fluid or Dexron ATF.