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This means he really likes you. He is just really shy and admires you. He probably doesn't want your friends to know that he likes you (wants to keep it on the "down-low"). Actually, this sounds a lot like something that happened to me, except he just looks at me (doesn't smile or wave, only on the bus).

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Does Ryan Higa have dimples?

yes he does :) below his lips, the right side (from his pov) is more visible when he smiles or laughs! lol

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well anything really. Soft hair, pretty eyes, cute smiles, broad shoulders, muscles, abs, and uhh down below ahah

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Is there a piercing school in Tennessee?

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What is the meaning of friends and family in real estate?

Friends and family have no special meaning in real estate. However, see the link below for video explaining how to use friends and family to sell your home.

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