There is a guy and he looks at me sometime but not a lot but he kinds makes small talk and sometimes he is nice and mean does he like me?

It's a possibility, but unless you approach him it cannot be known.


If a guy likes a girl, he's shy, that's pretty much it. Now when he's shy he will do "small talk", glances at you. It obvious for guys when a girl likes them. He can not pop the question for a long time, that's the thing guys are afraid to do. So they can gain attention until they ask the question but you will probably be in love with another gut and it will be terrible. I realize that you probably posted this to NOT ask him, because maybe you don't favor him liking you. But one thing I can say is, if a guy makes small talk with you, just you and him, and you know him, but aren't friend friends, then he's probably secretly trying to hit on you with an excuse to say he wasn't hitting on you, if you reacted as if you didn't like him ( that's what a guy fears). So yeah, if she likes him then ask him out.