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What kinda car is it... On Dodge Spirits there is no red light on the steering colum... what does the light look like/what does it say... that will help us figure out more about whats going on.

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Will your engine light flash if your power steering fluid is low?

A flashing engine light is usually a misfire code. Driving with a flashing light means immediate repair you are damaging your catalytic converters or engine. In answer to your question, NO.

When driving a flashing yellow light means what?

Proceed with caution.

How many miles left on a corsa flashing petrol light?

About 5-10 miles depending on driving. 30-35 from solid light to flashing.

I replace a ignition switch on 1995 Buick regal with a key chip and still won't start and security light comes on?

i replaced the steering colomn in 95 buick regal and now it wont even turn over.does the different key that i got with the colomn have any thing to do with it not starting.?

Why is the green POWER light flashing when you start your 1994 Subaru Impreza it also starts flashing when driving and then the car stalls out what is this light for exactly?

Have a similar problem with my forester 1999.

Is it safe to drive WHEN DRIVE light is flashing?

The flashing light is warning you that something is going wrong inside your engine, or steering system, or brakes, or anything else. It can not be safe to drive with any signal light flashing (except, obviously, left and right). You have to bring in your car for a check up as soon as possible.

What does the engine light flashing means on a 2005 Volkswagen passat?

Flashing means that the car is misfiring. Driving it like that could damage the catalytic converter.

Has anyone had the problem of the brake on warning light- oxygen sensor light- and taillight out warning light flashing with movement of steering wheel?

probably a short in the steering column wiring or check lower down on the steering shart under the dash for hanging wires

What must you do when you encounter a flashing red while driving?

A flashing red traffic light is used the same way as a stop sign. You treat a flashing red traffic light the same way you do as a stop sign. If the traffic light is "blacked-out", it's to be treated as an all-way stop. What I do when I come up to a flashing red traffic light, I look at the cross-traffic signals to see if they're also flashing red, or if they're flashing yellow to see if they stop or if they don't stop.

How can you tell the difference between a flashing yellow and a flashing red traffic light if you are colorblind?

You should not be driving if unable to distinguish yellow from red. If uncertain- treat as red.

How do you stop the glow plug light flashing even thought you av put in new ones and it is still flashing on a vw bora t reg?

when the glow plug light is flashing during driving it is not the plugs that need replaced it normally means you have a bulb blown most commonly one of your sidelights and once replaced your glow plug light will stop flashing

Why does the Oil light flashing when driving but oil is fine on golf gti?

A flashing oil light can be warning you of an oil pressure problem. The quantity of oil can be fine but the oil pressure may be low due to other problems.

A flashing yellow light means?

A flashing yellow light in aviation terms is a runway guard light.

Do you have to stop before turning Right at a red traffic light?

Yes. Basic rule of driving: You must stop at a red light. Yes, that means a flashing red light as well!

Check engine light flashing on and off?

If your check engine light is flashing on and off with the engine running an engine cylinder misfire has been detected ( avoid heavy acceleration or deceleration while driving until repaired or you can damage the catalytic converter )

Why is Subaru forester hold light flashing?

why is subaru forester 1998 hold light flashing

Can you drive car with flashing check engine light?

It is not recommended. A flashing flashing check engine light is an indicator of a catalytic converter damaging misfire.

On the Pennsylvania driving exam are you supposed to keep your hands on the steering wheel at a red light?

slowely and stop

Battery light and fuel light flashing on 96 kia sportage?

battery light flashing means the battery is not charging,check alternator fuel light flashing means very low or almost out of fuel.

Brake light flashing 2002 jetta tdi?

brake light flashing on 2002 jetta tdi

What is a flashing red light at an intersection equal to?

A flashing red light is treated like a stop sign.

Why does handbrake light on rover 214si keep flashing when driving in second gear Never in any other gear just second?

I have the same thing with my 220Gsi.. It seems it has nothing to do with the handbrake though. I suspect it has to do with the level of your steering fluid. I will check it out and let you know later this week

HOW DO YOU stop the air bag light from flashing in a 2006 crown vic?

The light is flashing because there is a problem. The problem will need to be diagnosed and repaired to stop the flashing.

What do you do at a flashing amber light?

Flashing amber light means slow down, watch for potential dangers. Flashing red means stop; proceed if and when it is safe.

Why is your 94 Ford Escort Wagon flashing check engine light and cutting off while you are driving?

it could be your emission check sensor