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Yes there are empty spaces between molecules of water. Water forms "bonds" between each molecule in the liquid space. I say "bonds" because they are not the covalent bonds or ionic bonds you may be use to. They are hydrogen bonds that form because each end of the water molecule has a certain charge. The oxygen atom takes on a very strong negative charge while the hydrogens are much more positive. The attraction between them causes them to come really close but they do not bond exactly. So yes there is space between molecules. And since all atoms are 99.99999% empty your glass of water is actually almost empty in terms of space!!!

The 99.999999% empty space referred to above is INSIDE the individual atoms, not between them. Yes there are spaces between water molecules, this can be shown by measuring the volume of water in a glass. Then measure the volume of some sugar. Dissolve the sugar in the water and measure the volume of the mixture, it will not be the sum of the separate volumes.

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Q: There is there an empty space in between the molecules of water In a glass of water?
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What is between the molecules in air?

there is empty space between the molecules of air because if there will be no space between the molecules of air then it will be impossible for air to move.

What is the empty space between the molecules?

This is vacuum.

What fills the space in between gas molecules Is it just empty space?

Essentially yes - it is empty space. there may be some stray particles now and then but for the most part it is empty.

What is between the water particles in a glass of pure water?

Empty Space

Does space have any molecules?

Well, in space, there are asteroids which are made of molecules, and stars that are made of molecules. However, 'space' is a broad term. It could mean the space in between stars, or everything that is in the night sky, so it's really hard to say. Even "empty" space isn't really empty. There are lots of molecules in space. Even between galaxies, there are still a few molecules.

Why can we state that most of the volume of matter such as the tabletop you are writing on is actually empty space?

Because the space between atomic particles, atoms and molecules is empty.

Are Liquids are almost incompressible?

Yes. Gases are very compressible because there is a lot of empty space between the molecules. A liquid has almost no empty space between the molecules. When compressing a gas you are pushing the molecules closer together, getting rid of some of the empty space. Can't do that with liquids. Example 18grams of liquid ware will occupy 18 ml or 0.018 Liter of space (volume). Boil that same 18 grams of water and it will occupy about 24000 ml or 24 Liters of space because in the gas form the same number of molecules are farther apart with lots of empty space between them .

Does heat move only where atoms and molecules are?

No. There is empty space between the sun and earth, but radiant heat gets through that empty region.

What is the empty space where gas molecules are not located?

The empty space could be filled with liquid or solid matter.

Are there really spaces between molecules of matter?

Not only are there spaces between molecules, but there are spaces between atoms, and enormous empty spaces within the atom itself (an atom is literally composed of a majority of empty space). Molecules don't generally touch unless they form a bond or they have opposite polarities.

A space with nothing in it?

we already know there is nothing in space, even here on earth! This is how it works: when you have a gas there is empty space in between the molecules, and you cant just fill that empty space with more molecules because that would meen that everything would have to be solid. so that empty space is nothing, gravity just holds it up. by the way if nothing did overcome space every thing would collapse in on its self, but besides that its improbable to explain.

Which state of matter has empty space between particles?

Very probable this space is empty, is vacuum.

Why if you slowly pour a handful of salt into a totally full glass of water it will not overflow?

since water is a liquid, there is still space in between the water molecules. So if you pour salt slowly into the a glass full of water, the salt molecules will occupy the empty spaces between the water molecules, until it reaches a point called sturation point when there isn't any space left and then the glass will overflow. But this will only work if you stir the water to help the mixing of the two substances. Interesting addendum: the water will actually shrink for the first few grains of salt as the electrostatic nature of the ionic salt will pull the water molecules closer together.

Is there space between a molecules in a mixture?

Yes. It does not matter if it is a mixture or a pure substance; there is space between the molecules.

What is all the space between molecules called?

The space between molecules is called inter molecular space.

What state of matter has particles with the most empty space between them?

Gases have the most empty space between the particles. but liquid also has a gap in between too

What are the number of molecules in a space?

Like the number of cells in a brain, variable (and zero if the space or brain is empty).

Why cannot sound travel through space?

Because there are no enough molecules in empty space for sound to be propagated.

What happens to space between molecules as they cool?

Molecules take up less space as they cool. The space contains more molecules.

How can you demonstrate ther is space between molecules of water?

Calculate volume of molecule, calculate mass of molecule, compare to bulk density. Lower bulk density indicates empty space.

The space between molecules and matter?

Interrmoleculor space

What makes up the space in between the particles?

Empty space, mainly.

What do the particles of gas have between them?

empty space

What is mostly between electrons?

Empty Space.

What is present in intermolecular spaces?

What is there between molecules is space for the molecules to move about as molecules are not still.Also,the forces holding the molecules in their current position do occupy this space.