There is there an empty space in between the molecules of water In a glass of water?

Yes there are empty spaces between molecules of water. Water forms "bonds" between each molecule in the liquid space. I say "bonds" because they are not the covalent bonds or ionic bonds you may be use to. They are hydrogen bonds that form because each end of the water molecule has a certain charge. The oxygen atom takes on a very strong negative charge while the hydrogens are much more positive. The attraction between them causes them to come really close but they do not bond exactly. So yes there is space between molecules. And since all atoms are 99.99999% empty your glass of water is actually almost empty in terms of space!!!

The 99.999999% empty space referred to above is INSIDE the individual atoms, not between them. Yes there are spaces between water molecules, this can be shown by measuring the volume of water in a glass. Then measure the volume of some sugar. Dissolve the sugar in the water and measure the volume of the mixture, it will not be the sum of the separate volumes.