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That's a pretty good sign that hes interested in you and thinks your hot.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Possibly there is something unique about you or, he may like your personality along with good looks. Good looks is just the wrapping and the real gift is inside! Different Answer I'm not saying the answer above is wronge because in this situation, there is no right or wronge answers. Anyway, it means he likes you. If he just stares at you and is all bashful and red in the face then he likes you, but if he just stares at you with a normal face he may just be day dreaming or looking at you in descussed.

Well if he pulls you close and stares deep into your eyes for a while, it's the right time.

Girls butt right? It means they like what they see! :)

He is definitely in to you! ^.^ If you like him, give it right back!

I think when a guy stares at you and you dont know him that well it's because he might Like you because right now the same thing is happening to me.

if it's a prolonged stare and she's smiling, she's in love ♡

It is called an obtuce angle because it looks like this right?: -------------------------_------------------------ or a right angle if it looks like this: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ---------------------------------

Yes, they are most of them however you have to see how the dog looks at you and if so how it looks in the picture if its not looking right at it/you that means that it is not intelligent but if it looks right at it/you it really is smart and curious.

click 100 times to right after you step down stares and he will run away and you win

When a person looks up and then to the left and right, they are just checking out their surroundings. They may be unsure of their surroundings.

Thriller: The terror takes the sound before you make it The horror stares you right between the eyes

Right angles are 90 degrees. | | | | | _________ This is what a right angle looks like.

No, college is something that people work hard to obtain.

That looks right: Elizabeth.

if you put your hair right up right right right up, it looks very very nice

Yes it can be bad. A transmission seal needs to be just right and it needs to be done properly. If you did it right and it looks fine then you have a good seal, but if you didnt do it right and you know it wasnt sealed right, then even if it looks good its not right.

The college that is best is the one that is right for you, personally.

A 'right angle' looks like a corner, and measures 90 degrees.

A quadrilateral with 0 right angles is a trapezoid, i know it looks like it has right angles IT DOES NOT!

If the guy next to you stares into your eyes without breaking contact or smiling, he might be hypnotized by the color of your eyes. Alternately, you may have something on your face that he is focusing on or he may even be looking at something over your shoulder.

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