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There is this one girl in your school and you like extremely but you are shy to ask her out what should you do?


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How old are you? I have almost the same Problem. Are you gone have some kind of dancing? When yes, ask her if she wants to dance with you. That's a very good beginnig.And don't be shy i had the some problem, but i didt and its a great feeling. So if the girl dose not jump off you after the first song (ecept if shes nerves than its not a -1 Point) it looks very good for you. After you dancd long get a drink for her, but ask first. Talk but now listen no JOKES may bay 1 jokes BUT NOT MORE. The rest off the time you listen whyl she talks abaut her self tis is a very easy themes exept shes also given this advice than ther will be a silenc like tow olws sitting next tow each other! I if got this advice form the book The Dangerous Book for Boys form 8-88 old males and this ar some other advices from me, the girls are the some nerveos has you, so relax, be selfconfident and never be nervous. You should never ask her twice exept you are defenitifly soure that she will say yes. Dies Tip is a life time tip: do any sport this is more importent than you can imagin, it replaces the with pale rowd computerman this dos not many that you sell never ever more play on the computer, i say minimum the size of computer PLAYING and maximum the size of sport. I hope this answer will help you good luck and good sucses