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Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage in Matchstick Men 'Buffalo 66 ? (sounds a bit like route 66, maybe)

This was an independent semi-autobiographical movie made by Vincent Gallo (he wrote, directed,starred and did the soundtrack) about a man just released from prison who kidnaps a young woman, Christina Ricci, and forces her to pretend to be his girlfriend so he can take her to meet his parents. (1998).

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What is something non-local called?


What are the main types of xenophobia?

Xenophobia is the fear of something foreign, especially strangers or foreign people. A person with xenophobia is called a xenophobe.

Why do you called independent variable independent variable?

because it is independent

An independent clause can also be called a?

An independent clause can also be called a simple sentence.

What is it called when something breaks or shatters as a result of getting too cold?

No, it could possibly means that something that was allways heated on top of the glass. that's what happened to me with my glass.

What is the level of flavor in a liquid called?

I would say strength as in weak or strong. Possibly intense if something was highly flavored.

What does constants and control mean in a science progect?

Constants are something that stays the same throughout the experiment. Your control group is something that u can control like amounts of something it also called the independent variable

What is a retained foreign body?

Typically in the medical field a retained foreign body is something that has been left inside the patient's body. For instance, if a sponge is accidentally left in the belly after performing colon surgery. it is called a retained foreign body.

An independent third party is called?

An independent third party is simply called an independent party. This is typically a political party that does not affiliate with the republican or democratic side.

I once saw a movie when I was little about an Arabian princess and a Taylor called Tak or something but I can't remember the name of it Does anyone have any idea what its called?

Possibly The Theif and the Cobbler

What is foreign police?

The rules made for making relations with foreign countries is called foreign policy

What is the variable called that we plot on the x axis?

It is called the x-variable. It can be the independent variable but there may be no independent variable.

Why are circles circular?

Because if they were not circular they would be called something else, wouldn't they? Possibly elliptic, or "a flattened squarish shape" or "a wiggly shape".

When does foreign creature 3 come out?

There is a foreign creature game called foreign creature scene, that comes after foreign creature 2

What if your teacher might have called this paper on capitalism independent thinking?

Your teacher might have called this paper on capitalism "independent thinking".

Are there provinces in Iceland?

No. Well, yes they're called counties. Sýslur in Icelandic. Iceland is divided into 23 counties, and 25 independent towns, independent meaning that they are a "city province". If this is an obsession of yours, try searching for "counties of Iceland" at something mysterious called "Wikipedia" where these regions are listed.

How do scientists usually test for one variable?

To test a single variable, scientists will change only that one variable (called the independent variable) whilst keeping everything else that could possibly affect the results of the experiment exactly the same. The other variables that are affected by the independent variable changing (called dependent variables) are then measured, and a conclusion can be made.

What is a high tariff to limit foreign competition called?

A high tariff to limit foreign competition is called a protective tariff.

What is person who handles foreign affairs and negotiates treaties with foreign countries called?

In general terms a professional who does this is called a "diplomat".

What is foreign employment?

working baroad for earning money is called foreign employment

What is the repayment period of a foreign loan called?

repayment period of foreign loan

WHAT IS A union of independent sovereign states?

A union of independent sovereign states is called a confederation.

Company that handles foreign investments What is this called I am looking into this to see if they have it in my country?

Foreign Investment Enterprise. It can participate in the foreign economy.

Can you give me a sentence using the word independent?

She was so independent we called her a hero from then on. He has become very independent since his mother died.

Can a girl be called John?


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