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Thermal efficiency of gas turbine?

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2011-09-13 15:22:41

The efficiency depends primarily on size (different

manufacturtes have use similar designs). Bigger Gas Turbines tend

to more effiecient. Additional factors such as waste heat recovery

and heat exchangers can improve the system efficiency (but not the

effiecency of the actual Gas Tubine).

Smaller gas turbines such as the Rolls Royce Avons have around

25% Thermal Efficiency while larger units such as the Rolls Royce

Trent-50 have efficiencies of around 42%. A full list of Tubine

Efficiencies for different manufacturers can be found at

Note that the above comment does not make the Avon a bad unit

its simply the case that it is designed primarily for a high power

to weight ratio. Some people will also quote very high figures for

G.E Frame machines (+50%) but these numbers usually include co-gen

(a steam turbine used to recover waste heat) and are therefor not

just Gas Turbine Efficiency.

The full calculation for calculating Gas Turbine effieciency is

avalaible at VibroNurse at the following page

( and program which does

the calculation is available at We use this program at our

oil and gas platforms and it works well particlauarly as a

condition monitoring tool.

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