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That's what happens when you don't pay your bills. Don't really know what you want from us. The creditor had every right to reclaim their property. Are you looking for advice? Don't do fleece purchase. If you do another one, turn your truck in before you lose it (the one advantage of lease purchase before buying outright is that it leaves you an out). Learn the industry and business management better before you try something like that.

You got in over your head... not to be harsh, but you shoulder the blame for it. There's plenty of resources online and plenty of people who would tell you not to do it. Did you do six months OTR and then decide to lease a truck? Or did you go for C.R. England's program, and lease one right out of school?

Going into business for yourself in the trucking industry requires knowledge, serious foresight, and some plain know-how... things that take time to develop. I see these kids lease a truck without knowing how to do so much as change lights or air lines.. and so they spend a bunch of money for a shop to do the things they should be able to do themselves, and get milked for that. Did you put a bunch of chrome and aftermarket stuff on your truck? If so, don't go looking for sympathy... that stuff doesn't make you money. Did you eat every meal at a truck stop? Did you use your settlement checks to buy creature comforts and other things for yourself? Sorry, but you seriously shot yourself in the foot if you did.

You didn't make your payments because you managed your business poorly. That's all there is to it. Just the way it is. Think better of it next time.

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Q: They repossessed your freightliner truck that was on a lease you were a month and half behind you called them and asked for more time they said yes you were on a run to Texas frommichigan they took th?
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