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one of the causes of spots or dots on x-rays can be end-on blood vessels e.g. the vein or artery is facing toward or away from the camera - similar to taking a picture of a straw top down.

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How much the price of normal chest x-ray equipment?

how much is it for a chest xray for immigration how much is it for a chest xray for immigration how much is it for a chest xray for immigration

How is black lung disease diagnosed?

diagnosis is based upon patients history of exposure followed by chest xray for characteristic spots on it

What is the purpose of chest xray?

The purpose of a chest xray, is to see how everything is doing near your chest or in your chest or your chest itself. So they could tell if like , anything is broken or needs fixing, just like an xray on your foot it's the same deal

What is Shadow over heart in xray?

had a chest xray, there was a shadow over my heart what is it

When was cardiomyopathy discovered?

after chest xray

What is a heart shadow on a chest xray?

This is the visible portion of the heart in an xray. From this an MD can tell if the heart is too big, and if there are any structural problems within the chest cavity.

CAn an Xray reveal previous TB history?

if it's a chest xray, it could. the lungs may show scarring

What things must you look for in a chest xray?

There are 8 primary things that one must always look for in a chest xray. Just remember ABCDEFGH:A = airway (trachea)B = bonesC = cardiac shadowD = diaphragmE = edge of the heartF = field of the lungG = gastric bubbleH = hilum of lungs

What does a chest xray have to do with endometrial cancer?

endometrial cancer travels to the lungs.

Is there's some place in Orlando to get a low cost chest xray?

Is there's some place in Orlando to get a low cost chest xray?Read more: Is_there's_some_place_in_Orlando_to_get_a_low_cost_chest_xray

How do they do thoracic inlet xrays?

A normal chest xray but angled up a little and a smaller area at the top of your chest.

What does the medical abbreviation CXR mean?

CXR means Chest X-ray in medical contexts.chest xray

Can a chest xray check the trachea?

A chest x-ray will not typically have the right exposure or view to check the trachea.

What really means the perihilar areas with some nodular densities?

my daugther chest xray found that her chest xray results that there are densities in the perihilar areas with some nodular densities within. and it consider a primary koch's infection

How long is a neg TB chest xray good for?

Every 2 years a repeated chest x-ray should be done

How many times should you have a chest xray?

Whenever you need one...not just at random.

In epilepsy why is chest xray is done?

for Aspiration pneumonia that may happened during the attack

What testing is done to diagnose lung cancer?

can they find lung cancer with a chest xray

What is the icd-9 code for chest xray orthopnea?

The ICD9 for orthopnea is 786.02. The chest x-ray would have a CPT code.

How much does chest xray cost in a hospital?

at yodak hospital in shanghai it is not more than 90 RMB cost for chest x-ray.

What is the meaning of ill-defined right middle lobe opacity on a chest xray?

chest x-ray shows a questionable right basilar opacity

Can bronchiectasis show up in a chest xray?

no, because it is not dense enough to show up in an x-ray.

What does a dark spot on an x-ray mean?

I thinkit is empty space, a bubble of gas or fluid? When I had an xray I was told that. The xray is a negative image. Lots of white spots throughout are not a good sign.

What equipment do radiologists use?

Computed Tomograpy Scan, Chest Xray machine, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Mammogram.

What does the results no active disease of a chest xray mean?

Means that there are no signs of disease that can be seen on x-ray anyhow.