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Stop in New Orleans and sit back and have a cafe' au lait and beignets at the Cafe Du Monde - near Jackson Square. Then tour Bourbon Street. Try out the jazz clubs; buy a Hurricane. Buy a string of tacky beads. Then drive quickly through Mississippi and Alabama, unless you want to stop in one of the Gulf Coast casinos. Stop at the beaches in the panhandle of Florida. Enjoy life. Feed the seagulls. Catch a sundown. Eat some great seafood. Buy a tacky t-shirt. Send Mom a post card.

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Q: Things to do on I-10 between Houston and Florida?
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If I were doing it, I would take I10 to Beltway 8 (aka Sam Houston Tollway) which goes around Houston. Take the Beltway south from I10, loop around and pick up I10 on the other side of Houston. NOTE: I10 between Houston and Beaumont is crowded, has many semis and everybody drives too fast.

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I10 and hwy 6 in the pink adult bookstore. One the south side of i10

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Things along i10 from Orlando, FL to Kingswood, Tx include New Orleans, a wonderful town filled with culture. If you do go there, stop in the French Quarter and enjoy some delicious Cajun cuisine.

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