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Q: This erosive agent is responsible for mud slides and boulders rolling down hills.?
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The erosive agent is responsible for mud slides and boulders rolling down hills?

hmm youu are not serious for asking that kind of stupid question

What erosion agent is responsible for mud slides and boulders rolling down hills?


Rock slides along a road is an example of?

rolling(rotational mechanics)

What is a rolling presentation?

A rolling presentation is a slide show that once started does not need the slides changed manually they change on a timer to fit what the presenter is saying.

What does moraine mean?

an accumulation of boulders, stones, or other debris carried and deposited by a glacier.

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A penguin rolling down the hill or a penguin in a revolving door xxx

What are the three types of friction and when does each apply?

There are three types of friction, static friction, rolling friction, and sliding friction. Static friction is friction between two surfaces that aren't moving relatively to each other. Rolling friction is friction between a rolling object and the surface that it is rolling on. Sliding friction is friction where an object slides, or rubs against, another surface.

Is rolling down a grassy hill kinetic or potiental?

Any time something falls, rolls, or slides down, gravitational potential energy is converted into kinetic energy.

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Can you describe 3 ways how mass movement may occur?

Some of the types of mass movement and triggers : Flows : Volcanic Eruption -- Lahars from volcanic ash and debris in rivers Heavy Rains -- Loose soil slides down a rock slope Liquefaction -- earthquake shakes fine layer of underground silt, ground slides away Landslides : Undercutting -- erosion by streams or ground water Loose Rocks -- earthquake starts dirt and boulders rolling down a hill Creep : Subsiding -- Soil held by plants slowly inches its way down a steep slope Slump : Ocean erosion -- Undercut sea cliffs can shear off as a block and slide downward