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Most likely yes. If this guy already has a girlfriend he loves then that means he is into her not you, but he is just trying to make you a backup. But if he likes you instead of his own girlfriend, then probably he is planning to break up with that girlfriend of his and ask you to be his.

I would only take him seriously if he didn't have a girlfriend.
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What if this kid you really like has a girlfriend and says when there over he will go to you?

Don't waste your time. He's just using you as a backup just in case they don't work out. That's rude and you shouldn't let him use you like that. Don't be someone's backup plan.

Does Wario have a girlfriend?

Of course not! He just likes money!

What if he has a girlfriend and he likes you and you know it?

Just leave it. it'll just lead to trouble.

What if the guy you like likes you back but has a girlfriend?

Just tell him to break up with his girlfriend and you guys can get together

Why do your girlfriend play tricks on you?

i think cause she likes me and just play"in!!

The guy that you like likes you but he has a girlfriend who he likes also but he kissed you but he doesnt want to break up with his girlfriend what should i do?

well if he kissed you you just have to tell him, that was nice and that you like him and he might brake up with his girlfriend

He has a new girlfriend but you love him will you ever get another chance?

Probably but it just depends on the guy and if he likes his current girlfriend.

What if you broke up with your girlfriend and she is really moody with you and another girl you like and she likes you?

if you broke up with your Girlfriend and Shes moody with you Just Ignore her,And If you Like a Girl and She likes you ,you Should Just go up to her and say "Do you want to Be my girlfriend" She prob. Say yes

If I Like This Boy And He Likes Me Back But He Has A Girlfriend And Says To Wait For The Future He Also Said That Won't Be Long Is He Going To Break Up With His Girlfriend for me?

It's possible that he might break up with his girlfriend, but it sounds like he is indecisive. He may just want to keep you around in case he breaks up with his girlfriend. You deserve someone who wants to be with you NOW, not as a backup. My advice is to move on--don't wait for this guy.

What do you do if your friend likes your ex and his ex likes you but your girlfriend likes you too?

You have a girlfriend and that is all that counts. Let your ex girlfriend know right off the bat that you are not interested in her other than a friend and then leave the rest up to your friend to ask your ex out. Other than straightening things out with your ex girlfriend stay out of it and just enjoy your time with your present girlfriend.

What does it mean if a boy likes you as a girlfriend?

That he likes you more than just a friend and would like to pursue a intimate relationship with you.

What do you do if you know someone you like likes you back?

Just be good friends (Girlfriend-boyfrind if you want) It is that simple. if he/she likes you but he/she doesn't know you like him/her. Just tell him/her.

How can one arrange to have a photo backup?

A simple way to backup your photos is just copy them to your computer when you get home. However, if you want to backup on the spot, you can also backup from the internet using MyShoeBox, which is a free unlimited photo backup from Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Androids.

How do you tell if your girlfriend likes you?

There are many ways to tell if your girlfriend likes you. She may try to hold your hand a lot of times, or she may want to be with you more. Just be yourself and don't try to be someone you are not!

How do you impress your boyfriend's best friend?

easy you just do something he likes but just don't make your girlfriend jealous

How can you tell if a guy likes you if he has a girlfriend?

I think if a guy likes you who has a girlfriend will most likely ignore his girlfriend when she is with him or talking to him and stare at you go by..He will usually just always stare at you, smile, and will be nervous or awkward around you..He'll just show it with his actions and once he finds out you like him, he'll end the relationship with the other person..

This guy won't stop flirting with me he has a girlfriend what should I do please give a good answer?

Ok i got your good answer. He has a girl but he wont stop flirting with you. He obviously likes you OR he might just think of you as a really close friend. He wants a girlfriend. He has one but he likes you more. Hes just seeing if you like him or not. He'll break up with his girlfriend for you but will hang on to her if you dont like him. If you just want him to stop flirting with you, tell his girlfriend about it

When a guy dumps his girlfriend for you then goes back out with her what does this mean?

It means he was just using you to get a break from his girlfriend. I know that for a fact because that just happened to me.

How do you know that your Girlfriend isn't just using you?

dude just ask her if she is dump her on the spot

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