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This is the process of matter changing from soild to liquid state?

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What is a soild changing into a liquid called?


Changing from a liquid state to a soild state?

This is known as solidifying, or freezing.

What is the name of the process when liquid turn into soild?


From a soild to a liquid is called what?

it is simply melting process.

What the process called of a liquid turning into a soild?


Change of a liquid to a soild?

The process in which a liquid is turned to a solid is called "freezing".

When matter changes from a soild to a liquid it?

In most cases it is considered melting.

What are the three principal states of matter?

The Three Principal are Soild, Liquid, and Gas

Is heilum liquid gasor soild?


Is frozen yougert a soild or a liquid?


Sublimation is the process by which a soild changes to a liquid?

No, it is when a solid changes directly to a gas without the liquid stage in between

What is the fourth form of matter not soild or liquid or gas?

the fourth form of matter is plasma which is when matter is heated to a very high degree of heat.

Can chlorine change from a gas to a liquid or solid?

chlorine can only change from a liquid to a gas-which is by the process of evapouration. it cannot be a soild

Is the mantle a soild or liquid?

the lower mantle is a soild.

What is custard liquid or soild?

it is a liquid

What is The act or process of sublimating?

When a soild goes straight to a gas without becoming a liquid in between

Six states of matter?

The six states of matter are: Bose-Einstein Condensates Soild Liquid Gas Plasma Fermionic Condenates

Is toothpaste is a liquid or soild?

Toothpaste is a liquid.

Water in soild liquid or gas?


What do you call a soild that turns into a liquid and then into a soild again?

Solid to Liquid, it is called liquefaction or to liquefy. Liquid to Solid, it is called solidification or to solidify.

How does a chocolate melting on your tongue prove energy is needed to change state?

Changing a chocolate from soild to liquid requires the absroption of energy.

Is a chair liquid or soild or gas?

A chair is usually solid, because matter usually exists in one of three states or phases: solid, liquid, or gas.

What are the five phases of matter?

Plasma, Gas, Liquid, Solid, Super solid. As yet plasma and super soild are theoretical.

To change liquid to a soild?


What is a soild when it turns into a liquid?


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