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What reflects heat back into space and traps heat near Earth?

Clouds and the atmosphere.

Why can you see the space station at night?

You see the International space station at night because it reflects sunlight back to earth.

Why doesn't all of the energy from the sun that enters the atmosphere reach the Earth?

The atmosphere reflects some of the energy back into space.

Which planet reflects the majority of sunlight back into space?

Of the eight planets in our solar system, Venus has the highest albedo. Thus, it reflects the largest percent of light striking it back into space.

What reflects solar energy?

CloudsParticles in the atmosphereOceansSnow and icePart of the solar energy that comes to Earth is reflected back out to space in the same, short wavelengths in which it came to Earth.

What do you call fraction of total solar energy that a planet reflects back to space?


What atmospheric layer reflects radio waves back to earth?

The ionosphere contains weakly ionized gas which reflects radio waves.

What causes clouds to reflect a portion of sunlight back to space?

Clouds can reflect some light back to space depending on the water content in the clouds. The water causes a prism which reflects light back into space.

Why does the moon shines on the earth at night?

Because its mirror like surface reflects the sun's light back to earth.

Which is the brightest planet in the solar system?

Venus, my friend. She reflects about 75% of the light that hits her clouds back to space. Seen from Earth, it's Venus = the Morning Star = the Evening Star.

How does climate change work?

the earth reflects its heat on the sun then it reflects even more heat back so it causes global warming

Is the moon a light souse?

technically it reflects the suns light back towards the earth

Which part of the space craft came back to earth?

The space shuttle.

How can gravity sustain life on earth?

Gravity sustains life on Earth by holding the air in the atmosphere around Earth. Without the air, we would die of suffocation and the sun's heat. The atmosphere also reflects the sun's warmth back into space so that we aren't toasted to fritters.

How are conditions in space different from those on earth?

Earth has lots of gravity to pull you back and space does not, space is like a never ending trampoline.

How does a space shuttle get to space and back to earth?

The Space Shuttle lands like a plane. When it gets to earth, there is a runway and it will land smoothly on the ground.

Did laika the space dog ever land back on earth?

laika the dog was not sent back to earth

How do space probes get information back to Earth when in space?

threw flying Jews

What spacecraft traveled back and forth between earth and space?

Space shuttles

How does NASA get its space probes back to earth?

NASA gets it's space probes back to earth by computer commands. However. most space probes are not designed for re-entry and remain in space to continuously monitor planets and such.

Why does the moon appear to be shining?

because it acts like a mirror, and reflects sunlight back towards earth.

What phase of the moon reflects least amount of light?

When the Moon lies between the Sun and the Earth the unilluminated portion of the Moon faces the Earth. In astronomical terminology this is known as a New Moon. _____________________________________________________________ Actually, the Moon reflects an equal amount of light in every phase. The difference is, how much of that reflected light then goes on to hit the Earth? During the Full Moon phase, the maximum amount of the reflected light strikes the Earth, and at the new moon phase, NONE of the reflected light is directed back toward the Earth; the reflected light is all directed back into space.

After backwashing a pool do you need to add earth back to the filter immediately?

Yes, the filter won't work without the earth. That's what traps everything else.

How and why weather and climate change over time?

Many interactive reasons:composition of atmosphere and levels of greenhouse gassesorbit of the earthTilt of the earthradiation from the sunamount of ice cover over the earth (reflects heat back into space)Ocean currentsvegetation coverwater cover

Whats shuttle run?

A trip from Earth to some orbit in space, and back to Earth.