This type of force needs to touch something to affect it?


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A contact force, such as friction. If a car wheel wasn't on the ground there couldn't be friction. A non-contact force could be magnets, the two magnets don't need to touch to repel or attract :)


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i think it might be fricton i do not know but do not count on it

Friction affects objects only by touching it. To reduce friction you can polish the sufaces. Sometimes friction is good like for example traction with is grip.

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To make something move you must apply some force. It is impossible to move or stop some thing without force but it is not true that to apply force you must touch. There are some Force that act without touching called Non-cantact force Some of theme are:- Magnetic force Electrostatic force Gravity force In your case magnetic force can help if if is ferromagnetic substance Else you can use electrostatic force by using charges -Thunder

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Yes. Gravity can be considered a noncontact force. There is no requirement of the force to touch the object which the force exerts itself on.

The word 'touch' is a noun form, a word for contact with something by something else; contact with something by a part of the body; a small amount; a mild illness; a contact with (in touch); a small improvement (touch up); a word for a thing.The noun form of the verb to touch is the gerund, touching.

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touch something with your arm. if you can feel it, the touch recepters in your arm work.

YES. It does affect your free throw accuracy. If the ball does not have enough air you will have to give the basketball more force. When more force is applied it will probably bounce off the rim. With more air you could give the ball more touch and your percent will go up.

Friction is when two objects touch each other, either smooth or rough friction causes the object to slow down. Also an unbalanced force is when the net force isn't 0 which causes a object to move and cause friction other than a balanced force is when the net force is 0.

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