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They are classified as nonmetals.

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What does the stairstep pattern on the periodic table represent?

this is the line that seperates metals and non-metals. those on the left are metals and those on the right are non-metals.

What are the basic elements?

Those found on the "Periodic Table of the Elements".

Why does the number of elements on the periodic table vary from period to period?

elements are divided into those that occur naturally and those that do not. All but two elements with atomic numbers 1 through 92 occur on Earth. Elements with atomic numbers of 93 and higher do not occur naturally. The symbols for these elements are white... Also, elements are classified as metals, nonmetals, and metalloids. In the periodic table, metals are located on the left. Nonmetals are located on the right. And metalloids are in between...

Why are some elements on the periodic table left blank?

some elements in the periodic table are left blank because the elements with those atomic numbers are yet to be discovered.

What are the elements follow the periodic law?

The elements of the periodic law are calcium, barium, cesium, and plumbed since there are still more elements out there somewhere those are the more up to date ones.

How many elements are listed in the modern periodic table?

As of 2009, there are 118 elements on the periodic table. Of those, 92 occur in nature. The others are artificially created.

What did the spaces in the first periodic table represent?

The gaps in the first periodic elements described those elements which were not discovered at that time. Eg-silicon,germanium etc

Why did Mendeleev leave three spaces on the periodic table?

Because those elements were not known when he formulated his periodic table.

Why is the periodic table so useful?

It helps people find elements on the periodic table.yes that and more it also tells you the atomic number and mass of those elements

What elements in the periodic table are nonmetals?

those to the right of the stair-step line

What is SCN in the periodic table?

those are pblock elements. Sulphur,carbon and nitrogen.

How do you count and find elements on the periodic table?

Finding elements on the periodic table, if you mean just as your question reads. Well, look at it and those symbols you see in the boxes are the elements. Counting won't be problem.

Why did Medellev leave gaps in the periodic table?

Because those elements were not discovered at the time Mendeleev proposed the periodic table.

What gas is extremely poisonous and is the most reactive substance in the periodic table?

Elements are in the periodic table not substances, the most reactive of those elements would be Fluorine because of its electronegativity.

Is methane on the periodic table?

Methane is a substance that is a chemical combination of Carbon and Hydrogen. Carbon and Hydrogen are Elements and therefore on the periodic table. Methane, the substance created by those elements, is not.

Which elements typically have the similar chemical properties?

Those in the same column of the periodic table.

What name is given to the elements to the left of the staircase?

Assuming the elements in question are the elements in the periodic table of elements, those on the left are considered the noble gases. The periodic table is broken up into categories. They are metalloids, other nonmetals, halogens, noble gases.

Why did mendeleev leave blank spaces on his periodic table?

Mendeleev left blank spaces because certain elements on the periodic table were not known at that time. He knew that in the future, those elements would be found and placed on the periodic table.

How is metallic character shown on the periodic table?

The metallic elements on a periodic table may be represented by a certain color unlike those of other elements. Most periodic tables have elements in different colors, so try looking at the key that shows what each color represents for that element.

What does metal have to do with the periodic table?

The periodic table is a list of all of the known elements that make-up everything in the universe. Metal is made of those elements, just like every thing else.

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