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ATP and NADPH novanet :)

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What happens when glycolysis occurs?

Organic compounds are converted into three-carbon molecules of pyruvic acid, producing a small amount of ATP and NADH.

Which three components are needed in order to create small organic molecules?

The three components that are needed to create small organic molecules are carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These cells contain organic molecules and are essential to life.

Are Organic molecules are made from a small collection of simple precursors?

Organic molecules are molecules that have a carbon backbone.

What small molecules make up carbohydrates?

carbon hydrogen and oxygen NOTE: These are elements, not molecules!

What statement best describes extracellular digestion?

large insoluble molecules are converted to small soluble molecules outside the cell

Do the alkane molecules in bitumen have large numbers of carbon atoms or small numbers of carbon atoms?

Large - think they're C25+ The alkane molecules which have small numbers of carbon are Methane (CH4) Ethane (C2H6) etc - they have lower boiling points and are more useful as fuels etc.

Explain how the bonding properties of carbon atoms result in the the large variety or carbon-based molecules in living things?

carbon-based molecules have 3 fundamental structures- straight chains, branched chains, and rings. In many carbon-based molecules, small molecules are subunits of an entire molecules. each carbon atom has four unpaired electrons in its outer energy level. therefore carbon atoms can form covalent bonds with up to four other atoms, including other carbon atoms.

Large Carbon Compounds are built from smaller molecules called what?

The phenomena of formation of large carbon compounds by the addition of small molecules is called polymerization and the molecules are come under macromolecules as they possess molecular weight several to hundred thousands

Which substance could pass through the cell membrane readily?

Small molecules, such as water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.

How are carbon-14 isotopes formed?

Carbon mainly exists as Carbon-12. Due to evolution Carbon-14 exists. It is present in very small amounts. Eg. If you take 1000 molecules, only 5 or 6 is Carbon-14.

What do small molecules do in small intestine?

Small molecules are absorbed in the small intestine...I hope this helped...

What are carbohydrate molecules made up as?

Carbohydrate molecules are made up of small sub-units called sugars. Carbohydrates also contain the elements hydrogen, oxygen and carbon.

Why is cracking necessary?

It is because before the other reactions the molecules of the carbon should be small which makes the reaction much easier

What is small molecules?

all molecules are small... stupid question

What household product contains carbon?

Here are some:Pencil lead (graphite carbon).CharcoalSteel - a small percentage of carbon is mixed with iron which increases hardness.All organic substances (such as wood, and your food) contain carbon in the molecules.

How do carbon dioxide and oxygen move into cells?

Since carbon dioxide and oxygen are small hydrophobic molecules, they can easily move into cells through the cell membrane by means of diffusion

Why do large molecules react more slowly than small molecules?

Large molecules react slower than small molecules. This because small molecules collide with other molecules faster, and this is how reactions happen.

What small molecules make up protein?

Amino acids.Amino acids form the building blocks of proteins.Proteins are complex molecules formed from amino acids.Proteins are made up of molecules composed mainly of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen.what small molecules make up proteins are called amino acids

What small molecules bind to hemoglobin?

Carbon dioxide and BPG bind to amino acids located on hemoglobin. Oxygen molecules bind to the iron molecules located in the heme. Each hemoglobin molecule can carry up to four oxygen molecules, one on each of the four iron molecules. Nitric oxide can also bind to hemoglobin when either oxygen or carbon dioxide are bound to the hemoglobin.

What two cellular respiration reactions follow glycolysis?

. Glucose is converted to two molecules of the three-carbon compound glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate (G3P), with the expenditure of ATP. 2. ATP is generated from the conversion of G3P to pyruvate. The 10 reactions of glycolysis proceed in four stages. Stage A: Three reactions change glucose into a compound that can readily be cleaved into three-carbon phosphorylatied units. Two of these reactions require the cleavage of an ATP molecule, so that this stage, glucose priming, requires the investment by the cell of two ATP molecules. Stage B: The second stage is cleavage and rearrangement, in which the six-carbon product of the first stage is split into two three-carbon molecules. One is G3P, and the other is converted to G3P by another reaction. Stage C: The third stage is oxidation, in which a pair of electrons is removed from G3P and donated to NAD+. NAD+ is a coenzyme that acts as an electron carrier in the cell, in this case accepting the two electrons from G3P to form NADH. Note that NAD+ is an ion, and that both electrons in the new covalent bond come from G3P. Stage D: The final stage, ATP generation, is composed of a series of four reactions that convert G3P into another three-carbon molecule, pyruvate, and in the process generate two ATP molecules. The glycolytic reaction sequence generates a small amount of ATP by reshuffling the bonds of glucose molecules. Glycolysis is a very inefficient process, capturing only about 2 % of the available chemical energy of glucose. Most of the remaining energy is unrecovered in the molecules that glycolysis procures, particularly pyruvate.

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