Three members of the axis

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Germany, Japan & Italy. They were the AXIS powers (vs. the Allies) in World War II.

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Q: Three members of the axis
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What were three axis powers that invaded other countries in ww2?

The three main members of the Axis were Germany, Italy and Japan.

Which countries were members of the Axis powers during World War ll?

Germany, Japan and Italy were the three members that signed the Axis Pact (Tripartite Pact).

What were the 3 members of the axis powers during workd war II?

Germany, Japan, and Italy. There were others, but these were the main three Axis countries.

Who is the third member of the Axis Powers?

There were three members of the Tripartite pact : Japan , Germany and Italy .

What members is not a member of the Axis?

The Axis powers consisted of Germany, Italy and Japan. All other nations were not members of the Axis.

Who was fighting with Germany in world war 2?

The three major members of the axis powers were Gemany, Italy and Japan

Who were the 5 members of the allied powers?

Allied Powers has 22 members, Axis has 7 members. :)

What caused the US to declare war on Axis Powers?

When it said that axis attacked, later it would be joined by axis members.

What were the 4 axis forces of World War II?

Usually the Axis powers are referred to as members of the Tripartite Pact, hereby implied that there are three main powers: Germany, Italy and The Empire of Japan. Other, later members include Bulgaria, Romania and Finland, with several other countries, such as Thailand, playing smaller roles in the Axis alignment.

Who are the Axis members in Hetalia?

Japan, Germany, and Italy.

How many friends did Hideki Tojo have?

He had many family members and he was in partnership with the members of the Axis.

What are three main axis countries?

The three main Axis powers in WW2 were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

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