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i don't have a scanner to get the diagrams to you, but i do have a shop manual w/ all the diagrams you could need. maybe i can help you anyway, so where on the motor are these 3 vacuum lines?

AnswerShare this, as they are a rare find on the internet. Believe it or not, and I have surfed this for years, has excellent wiring diagrams, and excellent vacuum hose routing diagrams. They also "walk you through it" in the articles produced on their site. Yours is easy, mine was for a complete vacuum diagram for a 1984 22R RN, and they had it. Something I could not find in any manual I ever looked in.
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Q: Three vacuum lines have come loose on a 1990 Toyota standard pickup any diagrams out there?
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Do you have vacuum line diagrams for a 94 Toyota pickup?

there should be one under the hood of the truck above the driver side head light

Need Vacuum diagram 1991 Toyota tercel 3EE engine not California?

try M-VACUUM DIAGRAMS search at under Toyota tercel vacuum. 91 to 94 are same

Where can you find a vacuum diagram for a Toyota pickup 3.0 v6?


Is there any one who has a vacuum hose diagram for a 1988 Toyota pickup 22Re 4x4?

Try They have a good "Emissions" section, that breaks down into componets. They don't have everything ever invented, but they have the biggest slection of vacuum diagrams, all on one site, that I have ever found.

Where can you find a diagram for the vacuum lines on a 1985 Toyota Corolla?

Diagrams for the vacuum lines and other repair diagrams for the 1985 Toyota Corolla can be found in an automotive repair manual. This type of manual can be purchased from an automotive parts store or borrowed from some libraries.

Anyone know where you can find vacuum tube diagrams for a 2003 Dodge Dakota Pickup truck?

No vacuum tubes on the Dakota. It uses electric servos.

Where can you get a vacuum hose routing diagram for a 1988 s10 v6 pickup?

I have a 1988 chevy s10 pickup 2.8. I went to the service department at my local chevy dealership and they printed out 3 diagrams for me for free.

Where can you find a vacuum diagram for a carburate on a 1984 Toyota 20 R truck?

You can find some vacuum diagrams in the Haynes repair manual. This can be found at any parts store.

Where can you get a vacuum hose routing diagram for a 1987 s-10 blazer pickup?

Try looking in Mitchel's OnDemand5 program under Engine Performance/Vacuum diagrams for this vehicle, Hope this'll help.

When was Vacuum Diagrams created?

Vacuum Diagrams was created on 1997-04-24.

Where can you find a vacuum hose diagram for a 1982 Chevy pickup?

When it is working, go to and they have diagrams. Or go to MOTORLIT.COM. 4bbl A/T Calif Emissions No, it does not. Please be accurate on your answers.

Where do you get a detailed vacuum hose diagram for a 1979 Toyota pickup with a 20R engine?

Follow the link and buy the book

Where can I find vacuum hose diagram's for an 88 Toyota pickup fuel injected?

== == == == Your best place is to find a manual, either chilton or hayne or one from Toyota. They will show several different diagrams for the different years the books cover. I have had no luck locating one online myself. The other option is visit the local library and check out their manuals. Then you can see which is best before buying one.

What is the ISBN of Vacuum Diagrams?

The ISBN of Vacuum Diagrams is 0-00-225425-5.

Where can you find a diagram for vacuum lines for a 1992 Mazda pickup b2200 2.2?

Diagrams help ensure that the parts being changed are changed properly. The diagram for the vacuum lines in this car can be seen in the cars maintenance manual.

What is the fuel pressure for a 1991 Toyota pickup?

38-44 psi with pressure regulator vacuum hose disconnected and plugged

Are there any diagrams for vacuum lines to 1978 Toyota 20r carb?

The Toyota 1978 20R Emission Control Repair Manual, pub 98268 is still available from Toyota parts, is about $12 and covers all versions of 1978 20R engine emission controls and vacuum lines. You have to have your dealer order it by part number.

Why is your four wheel drive not working in your 1985 Toyota pickup?

Differentials were locked by vacuum pressure on a actuator on the front axle, if there is a problem with this actuator or with your vacuum system the front axle will not engage. You may want to remove the acy=tuator and clean it out, ot locate the vacuum leak in your system.

Where can you find some information on an vacuum emissions control diagram for a 1977 nova?

The service manual for your car (including a Hayne's) will have the diagrams. The vacuum diagrams will vary greatly depending on what engine/carburetor the car has. In the related links section, there are links to the various vacuum diagrams for this vehicle.

Diagram of the vacuum line for a 1978 Cadillac deville?

need vacuum diagrams(engine)for 1978 cadillac deville

Carter AFB carburetor vacuum diagrams?

i need vacuum diagram for a carter abf competition 8867

Vacuum diagrams for Ford Ranger V6 2.9liter?

VACUUM-diagram FORD 2.9 l V6

Where can we obtain a Vacuum Line Schematic for a 1997 Chevy S10 PU 22 my manuals do not show any help?

Diagrams are usually located on a sticker under the hood. If not, get a motor manual with vacuum diagrams in it.

Where can you find heater vacuum line diagrams for Chevy vans?

You can find heater vacuum line diagrams for your Chevy van in most Chevrolet service manuals. The service manuals can be found at your local library.

Where can you find a vacuum diagram for a 1981 Toyota Corolla carb?

1993 on Toyota corolla vacuum hose