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Sheamus was champion at royal rumble. Then it was John Cena then Batista then John Cena then Sheamus then Randy Orton.

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Q: Through the year 2010 from Royal Rumble to Bragging Rights who has been WWE Champion?
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Is undertaker really dead after bragging rights?

no he has broke his soulder and he will return and win royal rumble 2011

Will undertaker be back at bragging rights 2011 or the royal rumble 2012?

Undertaker will be back at royal rumble 2012 at number 40 and after winning it he will headline wrestlemania

Who is current WWE champion after royal rumble?


Can the WWE or world heavyweight champion enter the royal rumble?


Which is most rare champion card in slam attax rumble?

It's Triple H (HHH) Champion TM

Who won the longest rumble in WWE history?

Triple h the champion

What Is The Best Slam Attax Rumble Card 2011?

The Miz Champion :)

Who will be new WWE champion at royal rumble 2010?

Sheamus won.

Who is goig to win the WWE champion chip at the royal rumble?

randy orton

Who is going to be at the royal rumble 2011?

Jeff Hardy won Royal Rumble 2011!He is gonna be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

Is cm punk still WWE champion?

No, Current champion is The Rock.. Who wins at royal rumble after Vince Mcmahon restarted the match.

Who won the world heavyweight champion at royal rumble 2011?

Edge defeated Dolf Ziggler to retain the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble 2011