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His real name is: Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods.

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What is iky woods' real name?

It is Baldric Tont Wood. Tiger was given by his uncle.

How rich is tiger wood?

I am not sure how rich Tiger Wood is, but Tiger Woods is filthy rich!

What is d wood real name?

Edward Danity Kane Wood

What is max in eastenders real name?

Max in Eastenders real name is Jake Wood

Can you get the email address for tiger wood the golfer?

wthat is the email address of Golfer Tiger wood?

What is woodies real name?

ryan wood his stage name is woodie

What is the real name for Minecraft wooden planks?

The real name for minecraft wooden planks is Wood Planks but if you were to add what type that would be at the front ex. Oak Wood Planks...

How many babies Tiger Woods had?

Tiger Wood can not have baby's.

What is wan wood?

TIGER is wan WOOD It is also the wood you make wans from.

Do tigers live in tiger wood?

No, tigers live in Tiger Jungle.

Why did tiger wood change his name?

The name Tiger was a nickname given to him by his father. It was also give to one of his father's close friends, who he met in Vietnam, (He died soon after Earl left in a POW camp) The nickname just stuck with Tiger, and he eventually became known by it. Tiger said he is proud to carry the name, in memory of his father's friend. Also Eldrick is a terrible name.

Is chipwood not a real wood?

Chipwood or chipboard is made from real wood chippings compressed together with glue, it is often covered with a laminate (not real wood) or a real wood veneer to make it look good. It is real wood that is used to make it.

Who is Cameron wood?

tiger woods brother

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