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the answer is combbombtomb because the comb has brown bars on top and beneath it which signifies a tomb

Look at the 3 pictures and write them out for the answer one after the other, with no spaces. An eye rhyme does not actually rhyme, only on paper. The wooden thing is meant to be a coffin. Think of another word on that theme. If you write the other 2 down, you will probably see the answer.

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9o% of energy is lost at each level

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Energy that is lost at each trophic level of an ecosystem is replenished by the producers. The producers get it from the sun.

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10% of energy is lost as you move from 1 level to the next. So at the end 90% if the energy will be lost as heat.

At each level of an energy pyramid about what percent of the energy from the level below is lost?

10 percent

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