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Time Line of Albert Einstein's life?


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  • i hate Albert Einstein!

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Einstein was a professor and practitioner of theoretical physics at Princeton University.

Albert Einstein had problems with his family and there issues the way he dealt with it mad his life hard

One special event that was a highlight in Albert Einsteins' life was when a solar eclipse let British astronomers confirm the general theory of relativity.

three important days in Albert Einsteins life were when he became the father of the atomatic bomb,when he got married to his cousin ,Elsa,. the last day is when he won the Noble Peace prize in 1921.

His father Hermann died in 1909 from a plane crash. His father Hermann died in 1909 from a plane crash.

The most important thing was the development and use of the atomic bomb which he was indirectly involved in developing though his theories. Personally he was opposed to its development.

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Albert Einstein had many friends throughout his life. He spent most of his time working on his experiments, but he did have some friends.

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Albert Einstein became a vegetarian in the latter part of his life.

Albert Einstein discovered science when he was's_on_discovery_of_science#to warring countries during World War 2 to look through telescopes on several different occaisions. As he did this his people were being slaughtered, enslaved and killed all over Europe and Asia. When he realized that he could keep his life by being a scientist he discovered science and his discovery of science led to E=MC2 which is what allows us to make technology compatible.

a time line is a ordanary line that tells every high lighted part of a prsons life like the time line shown below ---- from the time the person was born all the way to the persons death

No it wasn't it actually was very normal. He was actually considered a dumb one in his early school life.

Albert Einstein grew up in Germany. He was born in 1879 and died in 1955. He refused life support at the end of his life.

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Life is different from Albert Einstein because now whenever we see a smart person, we call him einstein.

he absolutely hated war, and the development of weapons. at this time in his life he became more interested in politics.

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