Tina turner's daughters?

Tina Turner does not have any daughters. She only has 4 boy's. She has one from Raymond Hill, a saxophonist from Ike's (Former Husband Of Tina Turner) Rhythm Kings, and one of course, by Ike. The other two boy's were adopted. They were from Ike's previous relationship, they're birth mother was Lorraine Taylor. Tina's children's names were Ike Jr., Michael, Craig and Ronnie Turner. Although there is a scene in the movie "What's Love Got To Do With It" it showed that Ike raped Tina, some people say that was not true, and that was a lie. Some say that it was real and Tina aborted her child. But Ike does have a daughter but Tina is not the mother, Ike married another woman and got her pregnant. HOPE THAT HELPS!